What is STC Terminal? How to Create An ERC20 Token in 10 minutes?

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How to Create An ERC20 Token
How to Create An ERC20 Token on STC Terminal

The goal of STC Terminal is to allow a wide range of users to create a token of their desire and purpose. The important feature of your issuance is that the user may elect to cap the circulated amount that will allow its price to be determined by demand and get into equilibrium. If you are new to the Terminal, you need to register or use your existing account to determine your new issuance goal. Thanks to the platform, you can easily get your idea exposed to a wide range of communities and get paid for it with your own customized token. Now, let the trading begin.

The Terminal, one of the main tools of the STC Ecosystem, is a place that will be free of charge, and it is designed to enable users to create their own tokens depending on their needs (personal, corporate, DeFi personal, Startup token, Crowdfunding, etc.).

The only fee that the user will be paying is the gas fee for creating a contract for a new token. The whole process includes providing detailed info of the token issuing process. Once it’s achieved, the user can fill out the form to integrate the token to the launchpad; then, it could be linked to the STC Ecosystem and allowed to be tradable on the STC Exchange plus it can be connected to your STC Wallet and be used for currency swaps. With MetaMask, all of the power of retrieving the info relating to your account belongs to the owner of the private key holder. It is like a vault with all of your accounts, trades, settings, and deals stored in there, in one place.

Let’s jump to the terminal and create the token in five simple steps:

  1. Connecting wallet;
  2. Token set-up;
  3. Contract summary;
  4. Adding token to a wallet;
  5. Student Coin integration;
How to Create An ERC20 Token in 5 steps
How to Create An ERC20 Token in 5 steps

1. Connecting wallet

The very first step of your token creation process is connecting your wallet. You can choose between a Wallet Connect or MetaMask account. If you don’t have your wallet yet, you can simply create one by clicking on the button below.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Connecting wallet
Connecting wallet

2. Token setup

Once your wallet is connected, you are ready to set up your token.

2.1 Token standard

The STC Terminal supports only the ERC-20 token standard. An ERC20 token contract keeps track of fungible tokens: any token is exactly equal to any other token; no tokens have special rights or behavior associated with them. This makes ERC20 tokens useful for things like a medium of exchange currency, voting rights, staking, and more.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Choosing Token Standard
Token Standard

2.2 Token name

In this step, you can choose the name and symbol of your token. Try to make it recognizable, unique, and easy to remember. Token decimals are automatically fixed at 18 decimals and cannot be changed. It means that your token can be divided into the eighteenth decimal place in order to be sent, bought, sold, or kept.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Setting a Token Name

2.3 Capping

If you want to have a defined number of tokens available, you need to specify the capped supply. This means that once the maximum supply is reached, there won’t be any new of your coins mined, minted, or produced. Also, you can choose the unlimited supply by checking the “Uncapped Supply” option. You risk “inflation,” but we diminish the exposure (the risk).

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Capping

2.4 Supply

Launch your token with the specific amount of pre-mined tokens immediately available, or you can put your pre-mined tokens on vesting, which allows you to “freeze” them for certain periods and add multiple recipient addresses for those tokens, to where they will be transferred after vesting ends. You can also start your project without any pre-mined tokens.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Setting up a supply

2.4 Sale

Choose if you wish to offer a single-stage token sale, multi-stage token sale, or no token sale for your token.

If you choose to open a sale for your token, you need to specify how many tokens you want to offer and need to enter your address in order to receive funds from the sale. Additionally, you can select a whitelist option that allows you to distribute some of your tokens to users from that list. You will be able to specify exact addresses of distribution later in your dashboard after contract deployment. No sale option does not mint any tokens.

What’s more, you need to set the sale duration, a unit price for your token, and the minimum investment.

2.5 Supply adjustments

At the end of your token creation process, you can add some adjustments to it. Decide if your tokens will be mintable, which allows you to create them, or burnable, which allows you to destroy them.

Moreover, you can set up a transaction tax for every transaction of your token. Beware that this is irreversible and may cause conflicts in the future (like exchange listings). If you have already done all of the steps, move to the contract summary.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Contract Summary

3. Contract summary

Here you can see all the details and chosen options for your token with the possibility to edit them. You can double-check if you checked all of the options you wanted to. Beware that every extra option raises the gas fee you need to pay to deploy the token.

3.1 Network

Choose the network for the deployment of your token. We recommend using the Goerli test network to perform a “test run”. It’s free, and you can get an ETH test to cover a deployment fee in the button below. If you don’t want to use the test network and deploy the official token, choose the Ethereum network.

3.2 Fee

This is the last step of creating your token where you need to pay the deployment fee. If you accept it and have enough funds in your account, click on the deploy token button. What’s worth noticing is that for now, we do not charge any fee for creating your token, all you need to pay is a gas fee.

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Gas Fee

4. Adding tokens to your wallet

Once your token is created, you can see its address, the transaction address and you can add it to your wallet right away!

How to Create An ERC20 Token: Adding tokens to wallet

5. Integration with the Student Coin

The very last step of your journey with the STC Terminal is the possibility of integration with the Student Coin. It’s up to you whether you choose to integrate your project with the STC ecosystem and grant all the benefits of it or stay on your own.

If you choose to integrate your project with the Student Coin you can expect marketing help from our specialist, access to a wide audience, and initial awareness of your brand by sharing it on our website.

Additionally, you will be able to perform launchpads, airdrop tokens to your users, or even access the STC Exchange. Being a part of our ecosystem gives you a guarantee that you can rely on us and we will support you and offer a beneficial development environment.



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