What is Smart Marketing Token (SMT)?

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5 min readOct 21, 2021
What is Smart Marketing Token?

Marketing has become an integrated part of any business and consumer existence, and we are used to commercials, endorsements, and spreading the word about a brand, product, services, etc. But what role does marketing play in successful projects or product development and the overall happiness of the market? How does marketing help reach the highest level of project accomplishment in the digital currency and blockchain world?

To understand the mechanics behind the success of the product, one needs to acknowledge that marketing covers areas such as public relations, sales promotion, advertising, social media presence, pricing, distribution, and many other functions. As companies need to take under consideration their employees, stakeholders as well as society, marketing serves the purpose of communicating, delivering, and creating value for consumers and end-users. Marketing then becomes a tactic, a set of processes and institutions whose main focus is to provide customer satisfaction with the highest value for society at large. With digital currencies and blockchain on the horizon, the Smart Marketing Token (SMT) serves such a purpose for the Student Coin as well as other Ethereum-based coins. The problem with the crypto market is that the marketing aspect is centralized and tied to companies with large financial budgets and other resources, which is hard to compete with.

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is the first tokenized marketing agency. The purpose of it is to serve as a bridge between the agency’s services and clients, leading to an effective marketing strategy and supporting new ideas.

Smart Marketing Token Features

Fixed fee promotion: SMT will provide promotional services for blockchain projects. Assistance will be billed based on the commission from the sales.

Governance and Voting: SMT will give the community of SMT holders an opportunity for their voices to be heard. They can choose and vote with their tokens on the project development. The more SMT tokens community member holds, the stronger their voice is.

Premium holders program: SMT provides the opportunity to join the Premium holders program. Add your SMT tokens, participate in activities on Student Coin Wallet, and get rewards in return.

Educational service: One of SMT’s main goals is to spread the incredible advantages of using blockchain technology around the globe. But also to educate projects about marketing and promotion on web3. Therefore, the SMT team will provide educational opportunities in this area that only SMT community members can access.

SMT Services platform: One of the long-term goals is to build a platform on which projects will be able to automatically purchase marketing services that will be done by our freelancers 24/7 at an express time. Buying traffic, creating high-performing banners, SEO link building, SM promotion? Whatever it is, SMT will take care of it!

Student Coin — SMT Partner

Student Coin and SmartMarketingToken partnership is to promote projects, collaborations, ideas, and fund-raising for new and existing tokens with their underlying projects issued through STC Terminal. On top of that, it eliminates the hurdle when dealing with promotion.

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Let’s say we have Adam, who is a geeky IT person with a great idea of writing code that will allow any HR team to find the best-fit candidate for any position in any industry. He speaks the ‘HR’ language, so he knows the HR buzzwords. Therefore, he wrote a code that created a great AI tool to help significantly reduce the time taken to find the ideal candidates. He really wants to capitalize on his idea but doesn’t want to sell himself short. He also cares about his intellectual property. We have a solution for him. He can easily sell this idea to the STC community and issue tokens as a form of funding, combined with marketing. Getting the Smart Marketing Tokens would boost his exposure to the market and allow people to learn about his code with the goal of creating a team. He would be able to raise funds and get marketing solutions right with SMT and Student Coin through the launchpad. He can later share his knowledge and experience on our Student Coin Educational platform.

Where to buy SMT?

Currently, you can purchase SMT on two platforms:

If you would like to stay up to date with your options for purchasing SMT tokens, then please visit https://smartmarketingtoken.com

Smart Marketing Token Tokenomics
Smart Marketing Token Tokenomics


The SMT project took off in 2021.


January — May

Creating a marketing agency for Blockchain projects

  • Business Model,
  • Target Industry and clients,
  • Preparing terms of Use, legal analysis, and info.

First Major Client of SMT


Smart Marketing Token website launch.

Sharing SMT Whitepaper.

Establishing the partnership with Student Coin and Coinzilla.


The official launch of SMT on Student Coin Ecosystem.

Affilate Marketing program lanuch.

Announcing the second client.

October, 31

Launching Premium holders program.


Second Exchange Listing.

Launching the Dao Voting option on STC Wallet.


Development SMT.services in new offers that are not available in the market.



Launching SMT.services — a platform to automatically purchase marketing services.


Helping with the launch of Coinpaper.com

Establishing a sustainable position in blockchain marketing.

SMT Partners

Student Coin (STC) provides a platform of collaborating projects among students, academic staff, and investors, connecting over 500 universities around the world; the organization offers to mint tokens as crowdfunding, DeFi, and loans, a way of raising funds for personal and corporate projects.

Coinzilla is a platform designed to support the continuously expanding finance & crypto industry by delivering ads through a massive network of publishers.

Coinranking an overview of the complete cryptocurrency market, including the number of cryptocurrencies, the total market cap, and trading volume.

DexTools the central hub for DeFi trading and analysis and a platform that will help you to anticipate market movements and develop better trading strategies.

Coincodex is your window into the world of cryptocurrency, gathering data from more than 300 exchanges to bring you real-time prices and historical charts for over 7,000 coins. You can add your favorite cryptocurrencies to a handy watchlist, making it easy to follow the coins that are most relevant to you. If you want to track the performance of your coins more closely, you can add them to our intuitive portfolio feature. CoinCodex is not just designed for use with a personal computer but is also optimized for mobile devices, so you can check out what’s going on with the cryptocurrency market anywhere, anytime.

Coincheckup is a cryptocurrency analysis and research platform designed to offer you transparent information on each cryptocurrency such as price charts, trading volumes, and comprehensive analyses, to provide users with insightful information regarding the coins they intend on buying.

Sprawny.Marketing is a platform, providing a wide range of services from blogs, customized and personalized digital marketing, collaboration, videos, advising, conferences, papers, magazines, training in marketing, new projects — all aspects of blockchain, trading in cryptocurrency.

SmartMarketingToken Social Media

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