What is Lean Management Token (LEAN)? Now live on Uniswap!

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6 min readOct 25, 2021

A distributed community of several millions of continuous improvement (Lean Management) practitioners will now be able to exchange their professional experiences and improve qualifications through the presence on Lean Community platform for the exchange of knowledge and contacts. The Lean Community platform is closely connected with the Lean Marketplace, where users can provide original training, webinars, commissioned research, and products such as software, books or industrial solutions for a fee of $LEAN. The team of Lean Management Token developers will make available services related to training production within the Lean Marketplace, also in virtual reality technology, which will revolutionize the implementation processes in workplaces, where at least tens of millions of people are employed.

Lean management is a leading philosophy that is characterized by two main ideas: a systematic approach to reduce waste and respect for people. Both methods are based on utilizing scientific methods that lead to continuous improvement. Lean is looking at how things are made and removing waste so the end customer gets the most value.

Getting along with the movement, The First Corporate Token creates one more way to get connected through issuing a new coin to connect people, projects, and Lean Philosophy and capitalize on such investment. The token will be available to purchase through STC Launchpad shortly and Student Coin Organization provides its Ecosystem and infrastructure for this project to be tokenized. This Coin stands for all the values that Lean represents. In the created Lean Community, $LEAN will be used as a currency and also accepted as a way of payments, utilized for fundraising or for voting in the community (C2C function). Nevertheless, it is assumed that $LEAN will also be used outside of the Lean Community, on the Lean Marketplace, as a payment currency for Lean Management (B2C) related services and products. In the future, Lean Management Token ($LEAN) will be used by companies as currency for Lean services, software or products (B2B). Finally, the Lean Ecosystem will build a comprehensive work environment for people (Lean Community) and companies operating in the area of Lean Management or Lean Marketplace.

Student Coin Organization recognizes the trend and is very much into the mode of a systematic way to reduce waste in any participating university as well as other projects and Student Coins holders by facilitating Lean Token. STC holders were already able to use Student Coin as an alternative payment for Lean Management Course. $LEAN will become a currency that can be used as payment for products and services, act as a reward in loyalty and partner programs as well as give access to extra courses and events. Back in July STC holders who staked their tokens at that time received a super bonus of a $Lean Airdrop — the distributed amount reached 5% $Lean total supply.

All Lean token holders will be able to earn with the Job Placement Program and Reward Program — an ongoing provision of valuable materials for various thematic groups which will be dealt with and by people engaged in our development. Partners will have special roles, for example, “Analyst” who will be responsible for creating analysis on-demand or “Leader” who will be responsible for moderating discussions in thematic channels. Access to basic Lean Coin (LC) channels will be free. Additionally, users will be able to join VIP channels with exclusive content written by the best specialists. Don’t wait any longer and get to know your more info on Lean token and other tools today, through the Lean Community platform.

The Lean Roadmap shows planned stages or a lot to happen for the Lean token project. LEAN has already completed a few important stages: in Q3 of 2021, they are planning to acquire experienced Lean practitioners into the community, start the Lean Community Platform with open access to all practitioners, and launch a Compensation Plan for community members. By the end of 2021, LEAN team is aiming to get 500 practitioners to get involved in the community, and begin the reward program along with the Lean Practitioner Program. In 2022, they will be up for the challenge to launch a Marketplace for Lean services and members, Loyalty Program, Partner Program, Leader Academy Courses, periodic training, workshops, and conferences.

Lean Management Token Informations:

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Meet the LEAN Team

  • Bartosz Misiurek, Ph.D., Founder of the project and Head of Lean Management Stream, Bartosz has over 15 years of experience in Lean Management. He is the author of over 50 articles concerning TWI and Lean Management and a book about Lean and the TWI program. Bartosz is the CEO at LeanTrix and Global Coach at Automotive Company where he supports the implementation of T WI, Job Instructions, and Standardized Work in over 60 plants, on 4 continents.
  • Andrea Manti Head of Lean Six Sigma, WCM, and Kaizen Streams. Andrea has over 15 years of experience in Lean Management. He is an expert in Lean and Quality Management and has held positions working as a Process Engineer, Customer Quality representative, Quality System Manager (IATF standard), and continuous Improvement Senior Manager. During his career, Andrea has led the implementation of several Lean and 6Sigma projects, TPM workshops, and TWI activities. He is also an expert in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program.
  • Luiz Felipe Campos, MBA, Head of Lean Manufacturing and Standardized Work Streams. Over 10 years of experience in Lean Management. Luiz has an MBA in Project Management based on PMBOK and also graduated in Lean Six Sigma. He has been working in the automotive industry since 2011 in areas such as Die Shop and Continuous Improvement, and currently has the position of Engineering and Tooling Shop Manager.

LEAN Project Partners

Student Coin — $Lean token is available through the STC platform; STC fully supports the project.

Smart Marketing Token is the first tokenized full-service digital marketing agency. As part of the Lean community project, LEAN cooperates with Smart Marketing Token in order to reach the largest possible group of Lean practitioners and encourage them to join the project and purchase $LEAN Token.

LeanTrix is a consulting company in the field of Lean Management, as well as the advanced IT software House for industry solutions. LeanTrix mission is to spread the Lean and Training within Industry program worldwide.LeanTrix is a supporting partner of the $Lean Token and this project.

Where to buy Lean Management Token?

The $LEAN Token is available right now only on Uniswap!

LEAN Token from the moment of listing it on Uniswap has done 471.60% in 24h, going from $0.65 to $3.73. Reaching $11,204,857.51 of Market Cap.

Lean Managment Token Price on Uniswap
Source: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0x5d594686f5510f95e90eeab72bf25008e35bf264

For even more info on the Lean team, partners, and lean philosophy, feel free to reach LEAN whitepaper and check LEAN Social Media and communication channels: Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.