Understanding STC Staking

Student Coin (STC) Staking Program

We are excited to offer STC Staking Program for all of you who are looking to leverage your Student Coins. We want to offer an opportunity to earn additional coins by locking the current token investment into a deposit. With this benefit our users can fix their tokens for a chosen period of time and earn STC with an interest rate of their choice, we currently offer three options.

With this benefit you can monitor your earnings every day on our website or in the app and watch your money grow. Detailed steps on how to do it are provided below. Also, something to keep in mind is that the staking feature — to start your deposit, is only available in the STC wallet at the moment.

As mentioned above, we offer three staking options with individual interest rates for three different durations. Once you lock your coins with your chosen option it stays in this particular staking range until it matures. Please keep in mind that the interest rates might be subject to change in the future, but we will make sure that you are properly informed before they change. So, no worries there.

At the end of a staking period, STC with earnings are automatically released and added into your account balance, no action is required on your part. What’s more, at this point, you can immediately restake your tokens. Remember that once you capitalize your coins, you cannot unstake them before the end of the chosen staking period.

Advantages of STC Staking Program:

  • earning additional STC, according to the Staking plan interest rate and length option of your choice;
  • staking your STC during new tokens airdrops would grant you allocation of a new token proportional to your stake;
  • there is an additional benefit in the form of a voting program which provides competitive advantage:

30-day stakers will be granted an extra 30% of voting power

90-day stakers will be granted an extra 100% of voting power

180-day stakers will be granted an extra 200% of voting power

How to become a part of STC staking program?

Step 1. Sign in to your account and access your wallet at: https://www.studentcoin.org/

Step 2. Select the “Student Coin — STC” in a section on the left side of the page called “Your Wallets”.

Step 3. Now, click on the lockpick icon which is located on your upper right corner:

Step 4. Select the staking period and read the “STC Staking terms of use”. Don’t forget to check the box that you accept the terms of the program.

Important note: interest rates shown on our website are on an annual basis. It means that if you choose, for example, 90 days staking with 10% APY (annual percentage yield), you will get a 2,5% return after 90 days because it’s the quarter of the year.

Step 5. You can also check your staking history by scrolling your page down while the Student Coin Wallet is selected (Step 3). Your staking history is at the bottom of the page. It shows the exact start and end date of the stakings, amount of STC which you locked in, current earnings and the chosen staking plan.



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