Student Coin Update | March 2023,

Student Coin
3 min readApr 6, 2023

March highlights:

  • An all-time high month for Coinpaper
  • Official launch of STC Educational Panel


On 1 March, a redesigned version of Logium V1 was presented. The Logium team is performing A/B tests on the target platform interface by running two design versions.

A mobile version has also been introduced for the V2 Demo, allowing users to access the platform on their smartphones for a more enjoyable experience.

Feedback gathered from the community in the previous weeks has been very positive, with dark mode and improved user flow being the most appreciated. Regarding the plans for the next few weeks, the team is working on Logium V2 Live, which will be released in the second quarter of this year.

Logium is also expanding its community on Twitter with almost1600 followers and 767 Discord users. Join the community here:

- Increase in new users by 152,25%
- Increase in page views by 141,62%
- Engagement rate: 54,06%
- Decrease in time spent on the platform by 2,26%
*compared to February 2023


March was a record-breaking month for Coinpaper’s operations, which closed the first quarter of 2023 with a more than 300% growth rate. Coinpaper continues to work intensively with its marketing efforts and promoting created content, resulting in increased performance.

In addition to the steady growth in audience and number of impressions, Coinpaper’s articles are reaching a broader number of industry creators who share its content among their followers. A recent example is Ryan Adams, co-owner of Bankless, who gathered 224,000 followers on Twitter.

- Increase in users by 111,80%
- Increase in page visits by 73%
- Engagement rate: 43,38%
- Increase in newsletter subscriptions by 73,13%
*compared to February 2023

Student Coin

STC Wallet

In March, a new version — 1.14.1, of the Student Coin mobile app was published.

STC Educational Panel

March brought the long-awaited launch of the STC Educational Panel. In April, we will continue to expand the knowledge base, as well as focus heavily on expanding the panel’s audience and commencing planned marketing activities.

One of the main objectives of the team responsible for the STC Educational Panel is to improve the content’s appeal, make it more interactive as well as to optimize the platform’s user experience.

Furthermore, an extended version of the interview with prof. ALK dr hab. Aleksandra Przegalinska will be published next week on the Educational Panel, providing video content on the platform.

STC Film

Our marketing efforts associated with our first educational film are still ongoing. Our Youtube ads continue to attract viewers’ attention, which results in an increase in views.

We are evaluating various strategies to attract a broader audience — including banner advertising, thumbnail changes, and email marketing.

- Total number of views: 88,375 views
- Click-Through rate: 6,2%