Student Coin Update| January 2023

Student Coin
3 min readFeb 21, 2023

January highlights:

- Launch of Logium V2
- Coinpaper x CoinCodex partnership
- Preparing for launch of STC Educational Panel


In January, Logium’s team worked on delivering a new version of the platform that allows for high dynamism and the ability to benefit from market volatility. Thus, each team member was highly focused on a narrow scope of tasks. The team launched Logium V2, making it available for testing with virtual funds.

Besides the launch, Logium provided documentation of Logium V2, gathered important feedback regarding Logium V2 from its community using Discord, Twitter, and feedback forms, and changed its Landing Panel.

The team has also started redesigning Logium V1 — prepared a new interface and planned an internal roadmap of work for the whole team regarding V1’s new UI. Besides, Logium started a few marketing partnerships, focused on its organic marketing, and ran a contest for its Twitter follower base.

Logium V1 users: 1663
Logium V1 number of sessions: 2231
Logium V2 (beta) number of bets 2675
Logium V2 (beta) number of users: 715
Logium V2 (beta) number of sessions: 1079


Meanwhile, Coinpaper has been focusing on increasing the daily content on the platform — now a minimum of four new pieces of writing per day. The journalists are focusing on niche topics related to cryptocurrencies and economics and increasing the number of evergreen stories that are beneficial for the platform’s SEO.

Additionaly, CoinCodex, a cryptocurrency data website that tracks over 15,000 digital assets across 200 exchanges, announced its partnership with Coinpaper, an independent crypto news outlet. As part of the deal, CoinCodex will start displaying Coinpaper articles in its newsfeed, ensuring that its users can access our curated content about all things crypto from desktop, iOS, and Android devices. The partnership has multiple tangible benefits for both parties, as it will allow Coinpaper to expand its global reach while CoinCodex will enrich its content section with quality news pieces from our journalists.

Moreover, we are preparing video interviews to diversify the content on the platform. We have invited two personalities to talk about the Metaverse and NFT, which will be officially introduced in the next weeks.

Also, the marketing team managed to refresh Coinpaper’s newsletter, which design can be seen below.

Decrease in monthly users by 45.9%
Decrease in page views by 21.3%
Increase in engagement rate by 38.69%
Increase in sessions per user by 11,4%
*compared to December 2022

Student Coin:

At the beginning of the 2023, each team set quarterly goals for Q1 2023. This allows for faster and more efficient achievement of targets and ensures that all projects maintain points of contact and remain on track to growth.

This quarter, we’re planning the launch of a redesigned STC Educational Panel — refreshed in terms of aesthetics and approach. We hope it will meet your expectations!