Student Coin Update | April 2023

Student Coin
3 min readMay 11, 2023

April highlights:

  • Coinpaper’s EDCON 2023 media partnership
  • First STC educational course called “Comprehensive Guide to Decentralized Finance”
  • Integration of Coinpaper news feed into STC Wallet App


As with each month, Coinpaper has once again outdone itself by raising the bar higher in reach, engagement, and revenue. In addition to increasing the content on the platform, the team has focused on generating increasingly greater site visits per month.

Coinpaper’s partner base is also growing steadily, and among the current ones, you can find companies such as Chainwire,, DeSo and Coinzilla.

Furthermore, Coinpaper became a media partner of the EDCON 2023 conference, where they will personally make an appearance as a team. EDCON is a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference in Montenegro this May. Among speakers you might find Vitalik Buterin, Tim Beiko from Ethereum Foundation and Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink.


  • Increase in revenue by 187%
  • Increase in time spent on the website by 8,86%
  • Increase in page views by 2,55%
  • Increase in engagement rate by 17,42%

*compared to March 2023

STC Wallet

In the coming months, STC Wallet will be facing some changes.

Our tech team has established a schedule of actions to improve the wallet and its functionality. First on the agenda is fixing bugs reported by our users — disclaimer regarding unlocking period and bug fixes for the PHP (Premium Holder Program).

Next, the implementation of brand new features is already planned, more about which we will discuss in the next update. The aim is to create a holistic platform, in both web and mobile versions, attracting more users.

There will also be a voting on STC Wallet in the upcoming period, in which we would like to know your opinion on the proposed features.

AMA with Vice President of Student Coin — Maja Synowiec

If you haven’t already watched — a complex AMA with Vice President, Maja Synowiec, has appeared on our Medium.

AMA covered the past activities of our projects, their present objectives and development prospects. VP has also answered a round of questions related to STC’s utility, plans for STC Wallet or issues related to our team.

STC Education

On the STC Educational Panel, we will introduce a new content format: case studies involving comprehensive explanations of selected projects. We want the platform to be diversified in terms of content, ensuring that every user can find the type of format they are interested in.

We are also increasing our social media presence, primarily on Twitter, with new content closely linked to education. This activity aims to expand the audience that is not only interested in Student Coin as a project but also in education about blockchain technology. Our activities are being supported by a marketing agency that is focusing on expanding our community and its engagement with our content.

Furthermore, within the education team, we have started developing the first STC education course about Decentralized Finances. Over time we will be revealing more cards on this topic, but this educational project will have a much bigger impact on Student Coin than you might expect 👀


In April, Logium’s team continued the development of Logium V2 Live, and introduced a set of minor user-focused changes on the platform.

The marketing efforts are put on hold until the final design and platform functionality is achieved to ensure that the new user could fully experience a functional interface from the start.


  • Decrease in users by 86%
  • Decrease in sessions by 78%
  • Increase in sites per session by 3,54%
  • Increase in time spend on site by 7,64%

*compared to March 2023