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Discover the Student Coin ecosystem.

Multiuniversity blockchain

A story behind the Students

The universities were always a place of innovations, new technology research, and the source of great ideas. What is more, the universities around the world are well connected and have a lot of bilateral value transfers. Finally, the world educational market is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and it needs a serious blockchain-based solutions as the Student Coin. These three factors made universities a perfect place to create the biggest social media, Internet network, or incoming wide-scale tokenization ecosystem- the Student Coin.

What is Student Coin?

The Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency related to the net of universities. The aim of the project is to create a valuable token to educate and unite students around the world, and tokenize the modern academic system. Student Coin project is run by students, faculties, and entrepreneurs from 17 universities, including the Kozminski University, New York University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, or Imperial College London.

The Student Coin aims to create a multiuniversity blockchain network and connect schools around the world, enabling them to interact in the non-monetary tokenized way, as well as store data on the blockchain and create their own, dedicated university-based tokens. The main advantage of the STC ecosystem is the full support of academic faculties, with a professional business-driven and educative approach.

Educational value

In the world of the extreme development rate, it is hard to keep up with every technology trend, hence there is a very small group of people who actually need to deeply understand the backend of blockchain technology, and tokenization, while these ideas should be commonly understood and applied.

The Student Coin aims to create the world’s biggest educational database about blockchain, tokens, tokenization, cryptocurrencies, new technologies, economics, and personal finance, that will present these aspects in a clear and easy-to-use way, allowing to put the tokens crypto assets into the mainstream.

The educational part of the project is extremely important to build awareness around the STC ecosystem, launch partnerships with the worlds’ leading universities, and revolutionize the modern academic world.

Student Coin as the universities’ tokenization leader

The most important long-term aim of Student Coin is to create dedicated tokens for every single university, student, and individual that will be based on Student Coin. The cooperating student organizations, universities, and students will have access to the open-source tool called STC Terminal, which will allow easy creation and management of their tokens as Oxford Student Token or Stanford Student Token. What is more, the tokens will be freely traded at incoming STC Exchange to STC, in pairs as OXF/STC or STN/STC allowing to crowdfund, vote, or govern projects and organizations.

STC Ecosystem

STC Terminal

STC Terminal will enable advanced wide-scale tokenization. All schools, student organizations, lecturers, or even individuals will be able to create their own tokens that will be stored in the STC App. After the launch of the token, its utility will be easily manageable in the STC Terminal.

The wide international network of universities, faculties, and highly involved students make Student Coin the only project in the world that can launch the tokenization of education at a bigger scale.

Exemplar STC-based tokens to be launched during the next phases:

-Oxford Student Token

- KU Student Token

- Kapitalni Club Student Token

- Attention Student Token

- Parking Place Student Token

- First Personal Tokens

Check the STC Terminal at:

STC Exchange

All tokens will be offered at STC Exchange and traded to STC, hence with the growth of the capitalization of any supported token, the value of Student Coin will also increase.

Check the STC Exchange at:

Supported universities

Currently, STC supports over 500 universities in 36 countries. The list of universities is being constantly updated according to the new coming Partnerships and community-driven STC distributions.

The full list of the supported universities is available at:

Technological specification

The Student Coin runs on Waves blockchain with the Waves-NG protocol, as well as at Ethereum blockchain that enables secure value transfer, transitions, and token exchange. One point in the development of the project is to create a native Student Coin blockchain with the Proof of Stake protocol. STC tokens can be easily swapped from one blockchain to another

Student Coin Team

The Student Coin Team is built by students, entrepreneurs and faculty from 17 universities, including the Kozminski University, New York University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, Imperial College London, Warsaw School of Economics, ESADE, University of Kent, University of Glasgow, University of Melbourne, University College London, Lund University, and the University of Glasgow

All parts of the project are financed from the first-month, free-float market distribution, and supporting companies. Cryptocurrency holds, development plan, smart-contract, social media, documentation, and token script property rights are supervised and owned by the company Student Edu Chain Ltd.

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Student Coin

The first token connecting universities, startups and investors. Student Coin powers the ecosystem that allows to create dedicated tokens.