Student Coin — the first cryptocurrency inspired by the Facebook’s story

Long story short — Facebook

A lot of people are already aware of the story behind the biggest social media platform, however, for those who have not explored it yet, let’s go through it.

Starting from the beginning, “face book” is the student directory which includes photos and basic information regarding the students. It was created to ease building relationships especially among new students.

The first “Face”

Before the idea of Facebook, during his second year of college, Mark Zuckerberg had developed a software for the “Facemash”, the website where students were able to compare female students’ pictures. In other words, it was a type of “hot or not” game for the Harvard community. Facemash was visited by 450 users in the first 4 hours, so we can honestly say it was a great success. Nevertheless, the Harvard authorities have decided that Facemash was violating privacy and copyrights; consequently, a few days later, the website was closed.

As we already know, the “face book” was created to connect students, however, at Harvard there was no online version of it. Therefore, Zuckerberg found his opportunity in it and decided to begin creating a website that could connect students around the university. On 4th February 2004 the portal was launched, and within a day around 1,500 users registered.

At first, the portal was available exclusively for Harvard students; nevertheless, more than half of the undergraduate community joined the portal within the first month. In March 2004, three more universities joined thefacebook, and that’s how the snowball started rolling. Next universities started rapidly joining in. In 2005 the company purchased domain, and by the end of the year it gained 6 million users.

A piece of statistics

Currently, Facebook has around 2.6 billion monthly active users. What’s even more interesting, more than 60% of the internet users are also using Facebook. Another essential fact is that over 80 million small companies are providing Facebook Pages. Last but not least, in the Q1 2020 Facebook has generated almost 20 billion dollars in revenue only from advertising.

Facebook inspirational value

Inspired by Facebook’s incredible story, the idea of Student Coin has become a reality. As a group of ambitious students, the Student Coin team has decided to revolutionize the world of modern education.

Similarly as Facebook did, the first steps of Student Coin started at a local university as the ALK Student Coin [ALK]. Entrepreneurial students have quickly picked up the idea of the project and hundreds of them have claimed their coins in the first weeks. After a fairly successful beginning, the team has decided to spread their idea across the whole country to introduce the potential of dedicated tokens to as many students as possible. Therefore, the team proceeded with the fork of ALK Student Coin [ALK] and that’s how the current token has been defined — STUDENT COIN [STC].

As a result, after a few months thousands of students received their coins and gained access to the educational value of Student Coin. Alongside with the development of a new community, not only did the local students want to become an owner of STC but also students worldwide got involved into the idea. Student Coin gained ambassadors all around the world and thanks to their engagement, currently, Student Coin is available at over 500 universities globally.

More in common than it seems to be…

Looking further, Student Coin and Facebook have much more in common. Both ideas are connected by implementing an innovative technology which was not developed by anyone else at the moment of creation. What is even more essential, the target group of both ideas is a youth which is the community most willing to introduce changes into their lives. Especially, when it comes to innovative technology which will in no doubt revolutionize not only the educational sector but also all life areas.

Moreover, at the very beginning Facebook was a completely innovative technology which was considered useless by many. Only few people believed that facebook would irreversibly change the world. Nowadays, the same situation concerns blockchain technology, the implementation of which among the young generation is a great priority of Student Coin.

The best is yet to come

Following the amazing example of Facebook, Student Coin is looking forward to revolutionizing the modern education world and implementing blockchain technology to the student community all around the world by introducing the easiest possible process of tokenization.

To easily understand our idea, we honestly encourage you to check our video, in which the Student Coin was explained in one minute: Explainer Video

As a Student Coin Team, we are convinced that our idea will have a great influence on implementing blockchain technology into the mainstream. Extremely motivated by Facebook’s example, we will do our best to make it happen.

You can follow the project development via:

The official project website:





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The first token connecting universities, startups and investors. Student Coin powers the ecosystem that allows to create dedicated tokens.

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Student Coin

Student Coin

The first token connecting universities, startups and investors. Student Coin powers the ecosystem that allows to create dedicated tokens.

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