Student Coin Partnership with Orion.Money

Orion.Money Airdrop on STC Wallet

Student Coin is a crypto platform that provides easy and convenient solutions for creating personal, start-up, De-Fi, or NFT tokens.
Orion Money’s vision is to become a cross-chain stablecoin bank providing seamless and frictionless stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. Even though our missions concentrate on different goals, we have managed to find common ground, which can benefit users of both ecosystems.

What is Orion.Money?

Welcome to the world of Stablecoin. It is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offset price stability and is backed by an underlying asset. Stablecoins have gained power as they try to offer the best of both worlds — the instant processing and security or privacy of cryptocurrency payments as well as the volatility-free stable valuation of this digital currency. So, the coin might be pegged to the underlying asset like the U.S. dollar or commodities’ price, such as gold. On top of that, the amount of commodity used to back the stablecoin has to reflect the circulating supply of the underlying asset. All of those are attributes belonging to and stand for Orion Stablecoin as Defi — a decentralized financial institution.

The cost of maintaining the coin’s stability is the cost of protecting it, which is done through commodity backing; a project at the life stage is Orion deposit — you deposit your saving coins and earn high yield profits. The main idea of the coin is to work in a decentralized way which will allow users to work uniquely by taking out the loan against it, for example. The technical implications cover the fact that coin uses algorithms to control the stablecoin’s money supply, similar to a central bank’s approach to printing and destroying currency; no collateral is needed to mint coins, value is controlled by supply and demand through algorithms; holders of commodity-backed stablecoins can redeem their coins at the conversion rate to take possessions of real assets.

Orion.Money is a cross-chain bank that works like a savings account, serves as lending, borrowing, spending services, and yields insurance. Orion.Money holders can make 15% APY on their investment. Also, the more Orion.Money you own, the higher APY on your investment.

Additionally, Orion offers a staking and liquidity pool on four chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Terra. Just in 2021, users staked over $30 million in Orion and other cryptos.

How to get Orion.Money Airdrop?

If you want to take advantage of airdrop, make sure to stake your STC for the time of airdrop, meaning at the beginning of February. More info on how to stake could be found in the article about STC staking. To get your Student Coin (STC), don’t wait and buy it here using your Credit Card or MetaMask Wallet. It’s fast and straightforward.

Interview with Vol Pigrukh

Jacob Kozakiewicz, the CRO from Student Coin, sat down with Vol Pigrukh, the CEO of Orion.Money, for a short interview to talk about Orion token's perspective and the partnership; he went over the financial and technical details behind the stablecoin.

In the interview, Val talks about the essential characteristic of Orion.Money which is the Anchor Protocol. Anchor Protocol is a savings protocol based on the Terra blockchain that provides its users with low-volatile 20% yields.

Anchor protocol is very usable for high-scale, high-volume investors. The limitation of the Anchor Protocol is that it could only be used on the Terra chain, the native stablecoins. However, Orion offers indirect usage of the Anchor Protocol on the Ethereum chain. But then you can earn directly on their chain as well.

Orion.Money chose over 700 passionate investors in the form of private farming from across different crypto communities to ensure the long-term collaboration and existence of the project.

Vesting of tokens is planned for many months ahead: seed investors have 15 months commitment, community farming is 10 months. The team has 3.5 years of vesting, and advisors have three years of vesting. This high vesting trend shows that Orion.Money believes in the profitability and reliability of its token.

Based on those assumptions, the economics was designed for the protocol. The Orion.Money will be available to create a healthy demand for it on the market. There are also some alternative ways to invest without buying tokens. You can also stake your tokens and get rewards on top of staking participation. Also, you can get Orion stablecoin through airdrops.

Orion introduced the validator revenue and buyback; as soon as Terra starts charging a 5% validator commission, the net commission earned after accounting for the associated costs of running the validator will be used to buy ORION tokens on the open market, which would subsequently be added into the Staking Fund and paid to ORION Stakers.

Benefits from Orion.Money Partnership

Student Coin was invited to farm Orion among other chosen participants and initial investors, allowing us to distribute an airdrop of Orion.Money token to our investors.

Our partnership spreads over marketing actions, which helps in spreading awareness about Student Coin to different target groups and various blockchains.

What’s more, you can use Orion token to locate your assets on a deposit provided by Orion.Money and increase APY for being an Orion hodler on their platform.

Rules of Orion.Money Airdrop

The total sum of tokens for distribution is 2 million Orion tokens.

Airdrop will be divided into seven parts, the first three of them will be distributed to all the investors who have been staking for over 31 days.

The rest of them will be distributed among those who are staking during the distribution date or have staked their tokens for 180 days before the 18th of August 2021. Tokens will be airdropped every month, and the exact date will be announced a few days in advance.

What’s more, the number of tokens in each airdrop will not be the same every time.



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