Student Coin | May 2023

Student Coin
2 min readJun 15, 2023

May highlights:

  • Coinpaper acquired $150.000,00 in STC Tokens.
  • Development of the educational section of Student Coin.


This year Coinpaper has exceeded all our expectations and is on a straight path to becoming one of the leaders in news delivery. We are enjoying tremendous success and are proud of the progress we have made.

However, we don’t intend to stop at the results we’ve achieved — we’re constantly striving to improve our services and have expanded the team with another experienced journalist!

Coinpaper’s visit to the EDCON 2023 conference helped to gain new contacts, establish valuable relationships and obtain valuable information that will broaden our knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

Coinpaper has recently made a strategic decision, investing some of its profits to purchase 50,000,000.00 STC tokens from the market, within the last 2 months, which in total exceeded the value of $150,000.00!

The purchase was fully executed by limit orders at the KuCoin platform in a price range of 0.0025–0.0035 USDT per STC. Coinpaper also commits to not use the purchased tokens for at least 2 years from today.

To ensure full transparency, we provide a link to preview the transaction:


  • Increase in revenue by 123%
  • Decrease in time spent on the website by 20,43%
  • Decrease in page views by 8,35%
  • Increase in sessions by 10,72%
    *compared to April 2023

Student Coin:

Our development team has embarked on an STC Wallet development strategy, where the first point is the introduction of swap functionality. This is the start of a significant development of Wallet to provide functionality.

In addition, we have increased our presence on Twitter, which has increased impressions by 12,9%.

STC Education:

The team responsible for the educational aspect of the activity is getting up to speed. As the deadline for the official publication of a very important announcement is approaching, the team is constantly fine-tuning the technical and promotional aspects.

In preparation, we have become more active in attracting new partners and establishing collaborations. We are aiming to establish strategic partnerships that will allow us to achieve our goals even more effectively and expand our activities. Working with new partners aims to strengthen our position in the market and provide better opportunities for our users.

With each passing day, we are closer to an announcement that will make a big difference to our community. We are excited about the possibilities this surprise will bring and can’t wait to share it with our users. Stay tuned and be prepared for this exciting announcement! 👀