Student Coin launches partnership with the brand-new crypto betting platform — Logium.

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3 min readJul 11, 2022


The day has come — after anticipating it for a few days, Student Coin officially announced the partnership with Logium.

Student coin and partnership


Student Coin is a crypto platform that provides easy and convenient solutions for creating personal, start-up, De-Fi, or NFT tokens. The company has been showing some signals of its emerging interest in the DeFi sector for several months now. In late May and early June, Student Coin started a new educational cycle called #DeFiThursday and gradually introduced its audience to fundamental concepts and core technologies of the democratized market. The series met with community approval and was becoming more and more integrated with Student Coin’s brand image. Today, all campaigns and declarations have proven to unite with a common goal — announcing cooperation with the brand-new decentralized crypto trading platform.

What is Logium?

Logium is the first decentralized exchange that allows users to bet on the price of every token available on the Ethereum Network. It solves the problem of decentralized finance and opens the free market for derivatives. The platform does not hold any assets of its users. All the trades executed at Logium are P2P, fully transparent, and available at its decentralized contract.

Logium Cover

A bet taken on Logium’s platform is a P2P agreement between two users about the future price of any chosen ERC-20 asset. If two users bet against each other, one side predicts the price to go up, while the other expects it to go down. Users agree upon a duration after which the bet will be settled, and thus, after the time limit, the system uncompromisingly allows only one user to be right.

Logium bets are listed on the platform, allowing users to pick from already made options and enabling them to “play” against each other. Additionally, Logium allows using leverage/multiplayer. Issuing or taking bets in P2P technology and the fact that each option is visible on the platform’s contract makes for double users’ protection from the possibility of arbitral manipulation, infamously popular among centralized exchanges.

Logium Trading panel — Time the market

The company’s core values are transparency and reliability — the team’s mission is to avoid censorship and allow trustless betting among investors worldwide, unleashing the full potential of the crypto market.

Over time, the platform will include all Uniswap V3 tokens. However, as new pairs will be added successively, the current version offers approximately ten tokens available for trade.

Benefits from STC x Logium partnership

Student Coin will support Logium’s development in the realm of technological and advising strategy. According to Student Coin, funds generated through the partner’s platform will be partly allocated in the $STC token’s buyback. Joint strategy is highly oriented at the increase in Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of $STC staking and will contribute to the $STC price increase and the token’s solidification. Furthermore, Student Coin plays a significant role in its partner’s protocol, which will likely translate into its huge brand exposure.

What comes next

Student Coin claims that part of the STC team was heavily involved in a Logium project and sees considerable potential in its upcoming development. As it is the first platform introducing the mentioned technology, chances are it will be a massively important player in the realm of crypto trading in the near future.


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