Student Coin Created an Exclusive Group for the TOP 100 STC holders

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3 min readNov 22, 2021


Student Coin Exclusive Group for the top100 STC holders!

We’ve decided to open an all-new communication channel between the STC core team members and the top 100 STC holders. It’s a unique form of communication, which we hope will respond to our investor’s needs. One of the biggest challenges is to maintain the connection between the core team and our investors. It’s an almost impossible goal to achieve on our main telegram channel due to the volume of messages that we receive. As well as the AMA sessions, we would like to keep more day-to-day contact.

So we have created a place where our team can be active, and most of the investors can benefit from it. A place for substantive conversations, sharing ideas, or reports. Every piece of feedback will be taken into consideration by the Student Coin team.

As the title may suggest — only the top 100 investors have access to the full functionality of this group. We have decided to do so to limit the spam, repetitive questions and keep the messages convenient to read and easy to search for a specific question. Access to this group is available to everyone. However, only the top holders will be able to send messages in it. The rest of the STC community can be a part of the chat by reading the messages or asking questions on the main channel, which will be written down by our moderators and asked later in the top 100 STC holders' chat.

Nevertheless, if you wish to become one of the top holders and get access to all group privileges, you need to hold at least 2,856,604.00 STC.

Terms of use for this group are different from the main channel, so we highly advise reading them first.

Join TOP 100 STC Holders Chat:

Student Coin Live Q&A’s Terms of Use

1 “Student Coin Live Q&A” aims to increase transparency and create a publicly accessible knowledge base about Student Coin, its development, products, team, and many more.

2. Please try to keep the chat as close to a “question and answer” format as possible. Issues that require further discussion will be developed in the main chat.

3. If you bought a significant amount of tokens and want to participate in this group, please submit a ticket on Zendesk, and our moderators will add you.

4. Anyone can join the group and view the ongoing discussion. Questions from the community will be collected by the moderators and after verification, transferred to this group.

5. If the group’s main moderator decides that a message does not fit the original purpose of the group, it will be deleted, and the user will be notified by the main moderator in a private message to explain the violation.

6. If despite the moderator’s explanation, the situation repeats, there will be a time-out for 7 days. If the same situation occurs again and after another conversation with the investor, the user will be banned.

7. The use of swear words, spam, aggressive and inappropriate language, broad promotion, and spreading fake news is prohibited.

8. The group rules may change as the group grows, and its current version will always be a pinned message in this group.

Join TOP 100 STC Holders Chat:



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