Student Coin and Blockster Partnership!

Student Coin is an official partner of

We’re excited to introduce you to our new media partnership with Blockster. It’s the all-in-one platform for crypto news and information with social platform features.

What is Blockster?

Blockster was launched in July 2021, but it’s still in the early stage of development, with many functions yet to be realized. It has completed the goals prepared for Stage 1, but there’s way more to come. Roadmap

Blockster is an all-in-one shop for blockchain enthusiasts. Basically, using the Blockster social platform, you can join a network of like-minded people, and by using the functions it offers, you can chat, read articles on the news feed, or even make video calls. dashboard

With a clear Facebook-style news feed you can stay updated with on-trend information, interviews, or have a quick look at market charts.

Blockwatch on

What’s more, Blockster will offer the NFT marketplace, Blockdesk and Blockster Ads. Blockdesk is Blockster’s in-house publication with all your latest industry news, market trends, interviews with executives, event coverage, and expert insight. Advertisements will be purchasable with BXR token, and 20% of its revenue will be shared with BXR stakers. All of the Blockster payments use the BXR — Advertising Token Powering Blockster, which is already buyable.

What is this partnership about?

Because of the way that Blockster works, we’re joining them as one of the first partners. It will be our new medium for communication, and what’s most important, it will help us with networking and direct contact with the best projects in the crypto world. Partners

After the conference in Dubai, where we met the Blockster executives, we have done deep research for a new media partnership. Despite proposals from other projects, we’ve chosen Blockster because we believe in it the most. Thanks to this partnership, we’ll spread awareness about the STC to Blockster users and attract more people to the project.

From time to time, we plan to share some exclusive content on Blockster, which will not be available on the other social media channels.

Moreover, every project which will tokenize at STC Wallet or use our Launchpad will have easier access to Blockster utilities, thanks to our partnership. We believe that this will be beneficial for everyone involved in the Student Coin Ecosystem.

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