STC Update | September 2023

Student Coin
3 min readOct 10, 2023

September highlights:

  • Coinpaper’s ATH in terms of growth in organic traffic
  • Development of STC University’s courses


The past month saw Coinpaper surpass all-time records for organic traffic growth. We are pleased to observe that the SEO approach we have selected is yielding results, and as a result, we are increasing our investment in the further advancement of Coinpaper on Google. The Coinpaper Digest newsletter is growing monthly, with approximately 30 new users joining our subscriber list daily.

We have witnessed a significant increase in traffic from social media, particularly X (previously Twitter), due to our actions, with a percentage of 23.7%.

Regrettably, we are not strongly associated with this increase. X has recently introduced a new version of external links, which may make it more challenging to identify them in X’s feed. X hopes that their users will spend more time on the platform, which may decrease links’ exposure in the upcoming weeks. Based on this data, we anticipate a small decrease in the traffic received from X in October.

Why is Coinpaper so focused on its newsletter?

Since the newsletter provides coinpaper with the highest quality traffic, it is evident that the newsletters have experienced significant growth in recent months. Furthermore, we believe this progression will persist, and only the most superior newsletters will endure for years. We emphasize Google significantly, with Coinpaper Digest being a close second. We also hold the belief that the newsletter is equally essential.

Furthermore, we also believe that it’s a good link between the portal and the user, as on social media, we won’t always reach the majority of our readers (it depends on the algorithm). In contrast, there are less significant problems with reach in the newsletter.


  • Increase in users by 9,2%
  • Decrease in sessions by 7,38%
  • Increase in newsletter subscribers by 29%
    *compared to August 2023

STC University

On the other hand, the STC University team encountered difficulties with production procedures, which are nonetheless crucial for mass-producing courses and guaranteeing content consistency on our platform.

We have now expanded our scope of work to include three courses simultaneously, where part of the content team is responsible for completing the following course’s curriculum and content writing, and the design team is responsible for the graphic design of the finished content.

The course process is exceedingly strenuous as we place a significant emphasis on the reliability of the materials, their comprehensive explanation in a manner that ranges from the easiest to the most difficult, and the affordability of the courses we intend to provide. We are confident that our efforts will eventually result in the competitiveness of our platform in the market.

We intend to release the “Guide to DEXs” course within the next seven days, while the subsequent course will be released approximately two weeks later.

Furthermore, STC University has secured its first partner from the US education industry, which will be announced next week along with further details. As our partner boasts a monthly page view count exceeding 8,000,000 we are confident that this partnership will enable us to greatly expand our business by reaching a significant number of new users and promoting STC University on the global market.

STC Wallet

In addition to the numerous modifications implemented in our internal administration panel, our technical team has updated STC Wallet in preparation for the commencement of STC University, enabling users to make purchases of courses directly from our Wallet.