STC Update | October 2023

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4 min readNov 15, 2023

October highlights:

  • Coinpaper’s growing recognition
  • SSRN partnership and increasing exposure of STC University
  • $USDP listing and $ORION to $STC swaps on STC Wallet


Coinpaper has seen a significant increase in traffic in the last month. This growth is no longer restricted to just Google search results, but also has expanded to Google Discovery, indicating growing interest and brand recognition.

October proved to be a record-breaking month for gaining new users and increasing website traffic. The Coinpaper team continuously optimizes the content and the website, following the latest SEO guidelines from Google. Consequently, the site is gaining visibility in search results, attracting more visitors interested in the cryptocurrency market.

Our newsletter, “Coinpaper Digest” gains more than 40 new subscribers daily. This steadily growing reader base is a testament to our valuable and timely content. We encourage you to subscribe to keep receiving the latest news and market analysis straight to your email.

We recently encountered a technical problem with displaying our content on the CoinStats platform, with whom we have an established partnership. Thankfully, we were able to quickly resolve the issue, which directly impacted the increase in new traffic to Coinpaper. This shows the importance of smooth integration with partners and practical cooperation.

What is very gratifying is Coinpaper’s growing market share in the United States. In the last month, we have seen a significant increase in traffic from this location, confirming the growing popularity and effectiveness of our marketing efforts in this strategic market. It signals that the created content is of value to an international audience, especially in the US.


  • Increase in page views by 27,3%
  • Increase in sessions by 15,1%
  • Increase in user engagement rate of 1.6%
    *compared to September 2023

STC University

In October, STC University took steps to support the development of blockchain technology research by partnering with the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and sponsoring a “Cryptocurrency Hub”. This initiative is crucial to promoting and advancing research in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Since our partnership with SSRN began, the number of downloads of research and articles on blockchain technology has already exceeded 16,000. This demonstrates the great interest among researchers, students, and industry professionals, as well as the value and importance of these materials to the academic and business community.

Always striving for continuous improvement and innovation, we at STC University are preparing for a redesign of our website. This redesign aims to organize our materials even better, focus user attention on critical elements of the site, and sort our courses logically and consistently. This will make it easier for users to find the content and courses that interest them, enhancing their experience of using our site.

Carrying out the redesign of the website is also a step towards introducing new, valuable courses. Having successfully completed this redesign, we intend to launch courses focusing on timely and relevant topics in the cryptocurrency industry. The new offerings include courses such as “Navigating the Decentralized Derivatives Landscape” and “Decentralized Borrowing and Lending”. These courses will be aimed at users interested in learning more about decentralized derivatives and the decentralized lending market, which is currently one of the most dynamic areas in the blockchain industry.

We are also implementing measures to enhance our market presence and reach our target audience. One of the fundamental components of our approach is to evaluate diverse sales techniques. We aim to gain a deeper understanding of our customer’s requirements and preferences and to enhance our sales procedures to enhance efficiency.

Furthermore, we have focused on social media activities, adopting a strategy to treat LinkedIn as the first priority. This approach allows us to reach industry professionals and enthusiasts, who often use this platform to expand their knowledge and professional networks.

As part of our social media efforts, we have launched “The Blockchain Pulse” newsletter. Its main objective is to introduce individuals to blockchain technology, from general concepts to more specific aspects. We are pleased that our newsletter has already gained more than 650 subscribers, all acquired in a wholly organic way without using any form of promotion. Each issue of the newsletter delves deeper into blockchain technology, demonstrating our commitment to educating and spreading awareness of this disruptive technology.

STC Wallet

In addition to internal changes regarding the operation of STC Wallet from the administrator level, we were able to:

  • Design the backend and frontend of a discount program for STC University.
  • Perform $ORION delisting and implement swaps from $ORION to $STC.
  • Implement $USDP listing and swaps $USDP/STC. We are pleased to offer our users the ability to conduct swaps with $USDP at no additional cost. Transaction fees for swaps will be introduced shortly.