STC Update | November 2023

Student Coin
3 min readDec 20, 2023

November highlights:

  • Strategic development in STC University
  • Another all-time high in Coinpaper


In the past month, Coinpaper surpassed its previous traffic records, indicating a growing interest, and a larger audience engagement. This increase is not just in numbers; we’ve also seen a 5.5% rise in session duration per user, suggesting that our content is resonating more deeply with our audience.

In terms of fiscal management, we’ve optimized our expenditures, focusing on investing wisely in development. This strategic approach ensures that we allocate our resources effectively, supporting growth while maintaining financial stability.

One of our assets, the cryptocurrency logo aggregator, has made strides. After facing indexing challenges in the past months, it has started gaining positions in Google search results. This improvement in search engine visibility is crucial for driving more traffic to our platform and enhancing user accessibility to the resources.

Coinpaper Digest has shown steady growth in November. We maintained its quality and consistency without implementing any major changes or specific development-focused actions. This steady growth is a testament to the strength of our existing content and strategy.

Additionally, a new team member, a journalist, has joined Coinpaper’s team. This addition is set to enrich the content creation capabilities, bringing fresh perspectives and enhancing the depth and diversity of reporting.

These developments collectively mark a period of progress for Coinpaper, reflecting the commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to providing valuable insights and resources in the cryptocurrency space.

- Increase in page views by 36%
- Increase in session’s duration per user by 5,5%
*compared to October 2023

STC University

In November, STC University experienced a month of strategic long-term planning.

Our Black Friday campaign exhibited a rise in sales and an expansion of our mailing list, indicating the escalating interest in our offerings and our proficiency in effectively engaging with our audience. This expansion is particularly noteworthy as it enhances our direct communication channels, thereby enabling more personalized and targeted outreach.

Considering these developments, we initiated a website redesign and further enhancement of our UI/UX. The completion of these improvements is not merely an update, but a significant advancement, thereby paving the way for the implementation of A/B testing of two new landing pages. These pages have been specifically crafted to enhance sales and provide assistance for forthcoming campaigns.

In parallel, we have been conceptualizing a new payment method for the University. This approach aims to diversify financial transactions, making them more efficient and user-friendly for our students and partners.

A significant milestone was the signing of an agreement with a new partner for the development of a comprehensive marketing course. This collaboration is anticipated to enhance our curriculum by providing cutting-edge insights into contemporary marketing strategies.

To increase media coverage and public awareness, we have prepared several press releases, the details of which will be shared in our next update.

- Increase in newsletter subscribers — 27,2%
- Increase in mailing list — 23,6%
- Increase in user engagement rate of 7,14%
*compared to October 2023