STC Update | July 2023

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4 min readAug 10, 2023

July highlights:

  • Launch of STC University’s landing page
  • Coinpaper’s online presence development and media partnerships


Month by month, Coinpaper aims to increase its organic growth through focused SEO strategies, further enlarge the newsletter readership, and boost sales. With another addition to our team of journalists, we are confident in achieving our targets and enhancing Coinpaper’s position in the market.

Coinpaper is also integrating with new partners, and in July, it was, one of the largest news aggregators in the world with over 90,000,000 visits per month. It has been operating for 25 years now. We’re also in talks with more intriguing partners.

As of today, Coinpaper is integrated with, among others:

  • and other partnerships.

Do you have any suggestions on where else Coinpaper should emerge? Please let us know on Telegram!


  • Increase in time spent on the website by 26%
  • Increase in page views by 26,5%
  • Increase in events per one session by 4,5%
    *compared to June 2023

STC University

You have been wondering what we do, and now we are able to slowly demonstrate the effects. Finally, we can call things by their proper names, and STC Education can become STC University.

Our mission is ambitious but straightforward.

We are stepping up to create the first-ever, easy-to-expand, universal education institution. Leveraging the most sophisticated and relevant tools available today, our goal is to redefine the traditional concept of a university.

STC.University’s landing page, published this Tuesday, showcases the result of our education team’s work. The university’s aim for this quarter is to begin operations and enhance the attributes that distinguish University from other platforms.

As of today, you can find the course on the landing:

  • Foundations of DeFi — a demo version of Chapter 1 of the Compendium of DeFi. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as the principles and essence of smart contracts.
  • Guide to Decentralized Exchanges — this course delves into the complexities of DEXs and their comparative advantages over CEXs, the associated dangers, practical application, and in-depth understanding of well-known DEXs like Uniswap.
  • Compendium of Decentralized Exchanges — the course aims to provide an understanding of Decentralized Finance and its underlying concepts. Individuals will gain knowledge about mechanisms, risks, and practical aspects necessary to make informed decisions and participate in the DeFi ecosystem.
  • A Practical Approach to Trading Strategies — curriculum will be announced soon.

But that’s not the end, we have a lot more content planned, which we will slowly be revealing.

Furthermore, the team will be focused on building additional operational structures, developing the educational base as soon as possible, and establishing partnerships for course creation.

STC University’s statistics in the first 12 hours after the launch:

  • Students enrolled in the waitlist: 152.

STC Wallet

Our developers are constantly engaged in quarterly plans related to the development of functionality and UX of STC Wallet.

In this regard, we have recently been able to accomplish the following:

  • Migration to Coingecko as a price source;
  • Adding a number of features to the admin panel, among which we can highlight exporting user data to CSV;
  • Improving LEAN pricing for migration to Solana;
  • Blocking withdrawals for one week after password reset.