STC Update | January 2024

Student Coin
2 min readFeb 14, 2024

January highlights:

  • Coinpaper’s all-time high in terms of revenue
  • STC University’s team development


In January, Coinpaper achieved record revenues, primarily attributed to the current market conditions and the influx of new users.

The substantial rise in advertising revenue is attributable to the expansion of our collaboration with our principal partner as well as our technical team, which enables a steady stream of revenue generation. This has enabled Coinpaper to generate a consistently increasing revenue on a daily basis, directly linked to the continuous influx of new users.

Our newsletter — Coinpaper Digest, has also experienced steady growth. Nonetheless, the revenue generated through this channel has yet to grow in proportion to the revenue generated directly by the website.

Despite the escalating interest in our platform and the redirection of certain resources to capitalize on this trend, the newsletter remains a crucial component of our approach. With continued growth and increased subscribers, revenues from this channel will increase significantly, especially in the context of positive market developments.

  • Increase in user growth — 29.50%
  • Main growth regions: the US and the UK
  • Sustained a 28% monthly growth

STC University

January was a month of significant progress and strategic decisions that shape the future of our platform.

We completed the first phase of our website redesign. This is a step towards providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Our commitment to continuous optimization of the site goes hand in hand with the development of the platform to meet the expectations and needs of our users.

In January, we welcomed two new people to our team, which significantly contributes to the faster scaling of our platform. As a result, we are able to share tasks and responsibilities even more efficiently, which translates into higher quality courses and services.

Moreover, STC University has been featured in the media, including Hackernoon, Yahoo Finance, Cryptopolitan, and MarketWatch.

In addition, we are in talks with a potential new partner in the education industry, which opens up prospects for us to expand our educational offerings and deliver even more value to our users.

We have implemented optimization and a new email marketing strategy, which combined with the automation of the mailing process, significantly improves our communication activities. Thanks to these changes, our users receive information in an even more accessible and attractive form.

We are enthusiastically preparing to work on a new technical solution that will significantly affect the accessibility of our courses, offering even more value to users. In addition, our plans for the near future include working hard on indexing the site using SEO and increasing our presence on social media.


*compared to December 2023