STC Update | August 2023

Student Coin
3 min readSep 19, 2023

August highlights:


Last month Coinpaper witnessed a significant increase in organic traffic from Google, which is a direct result of the effective SEO strategy we implemented. These effects confirm that our vision and approach to search engine promotion were right on target.

No less important was the decision to switch to Beehiiv. This change resulted in the creation of a dedicated blog at, where we post content from our newsletter. Thanks to Beehiiv, Coinpaper has seen an improvement in the deliverability of emails. In addition, it has opened the door for us to exploit new revenue streams, which is another step towards sustainable and dynamic growth.

Content development is key, so we are excited to announce the expansion of the Coinpaper team with the addition of experienced journalist to help deliver even more valuable and timely information to our community.

In addition, Coinpaper has established further partnerships with aggregators, namely: (1 milion monthly active users) and (more than 2 million users). Thanks to these partnerships, Coinpaper’s content is gaining additional visibility by appearing on these prestigious portals, which will certainly further increase our visibility in the industry.


  • Increase in engagement rate by 0,34%
  • Decrease in sessions by 3,83%
  • Increase in newsletter subscribers by 12,9%
    *compared to July 2023

Ad. We should not be concerned about a session decrease of almost 4%. The primary objective for us is to attain growth in the areas we anticipated, namely organic traffic and newsletter development.

STC University

We have released a demo of the “Foundations of DeFi” course. This is an important step on our educational path that allows us to analyze the performance of our chosen learning paths and the form of its presentation, lesson engagement of each lesson, total time spent on the platform and average time to completion.

We are currently working on two other courses: “Guide to DEXs”, focusing on decentralized exchanges, and “A Practical Approach to Trading Strategies” which will provide practical tips on trading strategies in the crypto world. Importantly, both courses will be available in both English and Turkish, allowing us to reach an even wider audience.

In addition, in an effort to continually grow and expand our impact, we have opened up to working with external partners. We are looking for opportunities to create strong relationships both in the context of media and branding activities, as well as in the co-creation of valuable course content. We believe that joining forces with experts in various fields will allow us to provide even more valuable and comprehensive educational materials for our community.

In addition, we plan to expand our content team in September.

STC Wallet

We have recently been able to accomplish the following:

  1. Withdrawal lock after password change — after changing the password, the ability to withdraw funds from STC Wallet is blocked for 7 days to increase the security level)
  2. Changes to withdrawal review policy — resulting in less amount of manual reviews, as well internal improvements to the process that increases the speed of reviews
  3. Completion of STC University’s related payments — in both STC and USD.
  4. Swaps — This week, the swap option in STC Wallet regarding the SMT/STC pair will be released, with ratio 1 SMT = 50 STC. We will publish further STC-related pairs next.