STC Launchpad ICO Scheme

The incoming weeks will be very important for Student Coin and its community. The incoming STC Launchpad ICO will lead to the establishment of a complex platform for wide-scale tokenization. The following article presents concise information about the STC Launchpad ICO plan and funding.

To check the general STC Launchpad ICO introduction please check the Student Coin Launchpad ICO plan.

STC Launchpad ICO Website

The Launchpad will be performed at the web-based platform created by the Student Coin. The platform is available at the address of

Please also note that it will be the only official page for the Launchpad performance.

STC Launchpad ICO Timing

The Launchpad will take place from the 1st of February 2021 12:00 UTC till the 30th of April 2021 12:00 UTC. During this time users will be able to join the Launchpad, get STC, and refer friends with the STC Affiliate Program.

STC Launchpad ICO Pricing

The price of the STC Token will vary by the round of financing. The scheme of the Launchpad assumes that the price will increase by around ~3% after each round of financing. All of the first 50 phases will have a hardcap of 50 000 USD and price increases by 0.0002 USD in comparison to the previous phase.

The following table shows the prices and STC Token pools for the first 10 rounds of financing, with the scheme where every phase, after the Launchpad Phase 2, will have a price increase by 0,0002 USD and a smaller pool of STC Tokens.

STC Launchpad ICO Rounds Timing

The Phases of financing will guarantee STC Token at the set USD price and will not be limited by time. The only limit will refer to the number of tokens available in the round’s pool, which means the price will increase every time the pool of tokens will be sold out.

STC Launchpad ICO Security

All of the Launchpad users will need to perform 2FA — two-factor authentication during the signup, login, and withdrawals. The users’ accounts will be packed to the email, personal Ethereum address, and reflink. All of the users will be operating according to STC Launchpad Terms of Use, Personal Data Protection Policy, and AML & KYC Policy.

STC Launchpad ICO Softcap and Hardcap

The softcap of the STC Launchpad ICO is set for 2 100 000 USD, while the hardcap is set for 21 000 000 USD.

STC Launchpad ICO Affiliate Program and Reflinks

During the STC Launchpad ICO, the STC Affiliate program will be live. The program will be based on reflinks, where every user will be able to generate his/her reflink. By sharing the reflink, users will be able to earn 20% of the Ethereum invested or 30% of the STC purchased by the investors from the user’s recommendation.

For example, if the user will refer two people that invested in sum 5 ETH, and bought 450 000 STC, the user will get 1 ETH or 135 000 STC.

Furthermore, by signing up via the reflink, a person referred will get 5% more of the STC purchased.

The detailed information about the STC Affiliate Program is available here.

The Student Coin Affiliate Terms of Use are available here.

STC Launchpad ICO Legal Information

The STC Launchpad is fully regulated and coherent with the European Union law and regulations. Please note that STC is a utility token, not security.

The complex legal documentation and utility token statement are available here.

STC Launchpad FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions about the STC Launchpad ICO are available here.

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