STC Launchpad ICO completed! 21 000 000 USD raised! The bonus funding starts.

We are extremely proud to announce that Student Coin raised 21 000 000 USD and reached its hard cap! It is great news for the STC community and its development!

Reaching the hard cap is the most important milestone of the project, which will allow to shape the STC Ecosystem and build the first tool for wide-scale tokenization.

We invite you to read a short summary of the STC Launchpad ICO. The article will outline the project’s prospects, product release scheme, exchange listings, STC Token fork, and STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding.

The STC Launchpad ICO overview

The hard cap was reached in 58 days — two-thirds of the scheduled time. During the major funding, over 95 000 users created an account at Student Coin’s Launchpad and 10 000 users joined Student Coin Telegram Group.

What is noteworthy, the progress of the Launchpad was accelerating with time, establishing a new record nearly every new day. The development of the STC Launchpad ICO allowed us to reach the hard cap early and create new objectives.

Reaching hard cap and its prospects

When the funding reaches its hard cap it is not only a sign of the well-executed plan but also a very important symbol for the whole crypto community. The symbol, that the new big thing is coming.

Student Coin Team would like to thank and appreciate our community for the support and declare that the whole STC Team will scrupulously contribute to the implementation and realization of the STC Roadmap and vision every day. The reached hard cap means that Student Coin can be fully flexible in the STC Ecosystem realization and promotion.

The Student Coin’s goals will be realized according to the STC Roadmap available here.

Briefly, in April 2021 Student Coin will release two new products, present the next three tokens to be implemented at STC Ecosystem, and announce the 5 exchanges that will be available for our community from May.

What is more, after exceeding the hard cap level, the STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding begins.

Hard Cap reached and the funding continues

The 21 000 000 USD and 100 Rounds of funding were reached. However, the pool of STC Tokens reserved for the STC Launchpad ICO is still not distributed. The 5 000 0000 000 STC (50% of the total supply) was reserved for the STC Launchpad ICO period, Launchpad promotion, affiliate program, and the bonus program. Although, the very fast progress of the STC Launchpad ICO, not all the tokens from the shared Launchpad’s pool were sold.

At the time of reaching the hard cap, almost 2 100 000 000 STC have been distributed, which corresponds to the 42% of the pool reserved for the STC Launchpad ICO. The rest of the STC Tokens will be sold in the bonus rounds that will allow to realize an enlarged plan than the set roadmap and build the wider community.

The STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding will be constructed from Phase 100 to Phase 150 with higher prices in the range from 0.0172 USD to 0.0221 USD per STC.

The tokens from the STC Launchpad pool, which will not be sold till the end of April, will be burned on 1st May 2021.

Bonus funding and its prospects

The bonus funding will last from the day of hitting the hard cap, till the 30th of April 2021 or running out of the tokens in the STC Launchpad ICO pool. The bonus funding scheme will be designed to support all the STC holders.

The bonus rounds of funding will benefit the whole STC Community by the range of advantages, from which the most important are:

  • during the bonus funding, the marketing expenditures will expand and strengthen the STC Community
  • thanks to the bonus funding, STC Token will be listed at more exchanges than planned
  • after the bonus funding, the price of the STC Token will be set to 0,0221 USD, while entering the exchanges
  • after the bonus funding, the STC Tokens will be immediately available for staking
  • the funds collected during the bonus funding will allow creating two more products for the STC Ecosystem — STC Listings and STC News. The details will be announced soon.
  • and many more

The bonus funding will not influence the withdrawals, trading, and token release scheme.

Withdrawals and trading of STC Tokens after the STC Launchpad and bonus funding

The date of the STC Tokens withdrawal and exchange listings will be unchanged and is set for the 9th May 2021. All the purchased STC and earned ETH will be able to withdraw from the STC App interface at 12:00 UTC.

Due to the bonus funding, the price of the exchange entry will be higher and officially set for 0,0221 USD on 9th May 2021. Furthermore, the coming implementation of the STC Voting solution will allow Student Coin’s community to vote on the matters of STC Token listing, staking, and possible token vesting.

Affiliate Program and Bonus Program driving the bonus funding

The terms and conditions of the STC Affiliate Program will be unchanged during the STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding. All the bonuses for the professional affiliates and referrers remain unchanged.

STC Token fork and listings

In the next three weeks, the STC Token contract will be updated to create the STC v2. The new STC Token costs less fee while performing the transaction and has the MIT license. No actions regarding the fork will be required. More details will be announced soon.

STC Token v1 contract: 0xb8B7791b1A445FB1e202683a0a329504772e0E52

STC Token v2 contract: 0x15b543e986b8c34074dfc9901136d9355a537e7e

Check the new STC Token contract here.

The exchange listings of the STC Token will be performed accordingly to the Timeline presented at the STC Launchpad to the website. Moreover, due to the bonus funding and increased budget STC Token will be listed on more exchanges than planned shortly after the STC Launchpad ICO.

Closing the STC Launchpad ICO period

The STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding will be closed either by hitting the cap of 5 000 000 000 STC sold, or by the deadline set for 30th April 2021.

In the first case, the STC Launchpad ICO period may be closed before the deadline, however, the roadmap and token release will be realized in a normal way. No STC Tokens will be burned.

In the second case, the STC Launchpad ICO period will be closed on 30th April, while the remaining STC Tokens will be burned on 1st May 2021. The STC Roadmap will be realized without changes.

More information

For more information, please check Student Coin’s FAQ and visit STC Telegram Chat.



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