Introducing STC Flexible Staking

After the success and great interest that STC staking has aroused, we’ve decided to introduce a new formula of locking up your coins to earn interest.

As far as flexible staking is concerned, there are no predefined periods to stake your tokens with various and static APY for each one. The fluctuating interest rate is calculated based on the income of the STC company. The higher the revenues are, the higher APY is. This way, we would like to create a dependency between the condition of the project and participants of the staking program. Moreover, this solution brings fundamental value that impacts all investors.

The preview of flexible staking

During staking your tokens, you can see the estimated APY and some other information like your staked balance, tokens available to stake, and current earnings. As the interest rate fluctuates, you can always check it for ongoing staking in your STC wallet.

As mentioned before, there are no staking periods, which means you need to manually unstake your tokens. While introducing the new staking, all of the currently staked tokens will be automatically transferred onto the new formula. Starting the release day, which is the 4th of March, you can unstake your STCs immediately, within two weeks. After that, there will be a “freeze time” for such action. It means that after deciding to unstake your Student Coins, you need to wait for them to be added to your STC wallet for two weeks.

The process itself is as intuitive as it can be. Simply enter the number of tokens you want to unstake, click on the continue button, and accept the STC Staking terms of use. In the last step, you’ll see the unlock date as well as the staking earned interest.

The preview of unstaking

What’s more, we have decided to restore the old feature that many of you have been asking for! Once again, you’re able to see how many users staked their tokes and the total amount of them in a poll. For now, our program has a strong foundation that will be a base for evolving as the ecosystem grows and more STC products are released. Therefore, the new staking solution will be more beneficial to our investors as the project develops!



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