Guide to STC withdrawals

Student Coin
3 min readOct 7, 2021

STC is an ERC-20 token and you can withdraw it only through the ethereum network. During the withdrawal process on our website, the system won’t let you pass “Step 3” (details below) if you type in the non-ethereum address. However, remember that not every exchange and external wallet supports the STC token.

For the list of wallets that support STC, go to:

For the list of exchanges that support STC, go to:


Queued or Pending
Once your transaction status is “queued” or “pending,” it means that we’ve accepted your withdrawal request, and it awaits confirmation from our system. If this status remains for more than a few hours, it might mean that we’re experiencing some minor issues or delays. All transactions are being processed chronologically without exceptions, so there is nothing to worry about. Just wait. Usually, it takes a few minutes for it to be completed.

This status concerns only transactions for larger amounts of STC. Our team needs to verify if there are no discrepancies with withdrawing assets. This process can take up to 48h, but it’s much shorter than that in most cases.

If our team decides not to accept withdrawal during the review process, it only happens based on discrepancies/problems in a user account. In that case, contact our support team for more details.

You can submit a ticket here:

The transaction was processed successfully, and you should receive tokens at your recipient’s address shortly after it. The whole process of withdrawal takes from a few minutes to 72h.

The payment failed due to some technical issues. You will receive tokens back to your account, and please contact support to inquire more details about your case.


Step 1. Sign in to your account and access your wallet at:

Step 2. Select the currency you want to withdraw in the section on the left side of the page called “Your Wallets.”

Step 3. Type/paste your recipient address and the number of tokens.

Step 4. Confirm your transaction and read the warning message.

Step 5. Type a 2FA code sent by email. You have 2 minutes to do so.

Step 6. Now you can see your transaction status on Etherscan and expect your tokens within 10 minutes or so.