Announcing the STC Launchpad ICO- The major Student Coin launch!

The tokens and the process of tokenization is an incoming revolution that can speed up the global economy and help to overtake the geographical obstacles of the equity flow. The vision of the Student Coin is to work as the world’s biggest ecosystem to perform the wide-scale tokenization, and allow everyone to build, manage and develop the personal, organizational, startup, and DeFi tokens.

Student Coin project is being developed for over two years, and reach this crucial point- performance of the major funding during the STC Launchpad ICO. We are happy to announce the first grasp of information about this important event!

What is the STC Launchpad ICO?

STC Launchpad ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be the major funding event for the Student Coin project. During the Launchpad, investors will be able to purchase up to 60% of the STC Token total supply.

The STC Launchpad ICO will be different than other ICOs as it will support fiat payments, contain of multiple round of financing, have advanced affiliate program, and what is the most important, will be performed based on the already deployed token– STC.

What are the goals of the STC Launchpad ICO?

Student Coin aims to change the world and allows everyone to build his/her own token. This is why the Student Coin ecosystem, created by STC Terminal, STC exchange and STC App, needs to be comprehensive, advanced, and easy in use.

The funds collected during the STC Launchpad ICO will be invested to build the STC ecosystem, establish longterm partnerships, as well as promote Student Coin in the international communities, academic societies and universities.

When the STC Launchpad ICO will be performed?

The STC Launchpad ICO will be performed from 1st of February 2021 12:00 UTC till the 30th of April 2021 12:00 UTC. During this period investors will be able to participate in multiple rounds of financing that will differ by price and bonuses.

What are the rounds of financing?

The rounds (phases) of financing are the separate funding pools in which investors can obtain STC token with a set price. Each phase of financing is settled based on the hardcap in USD and available STC.

The phases of financing are not limited by the time or the number of participants, but by the number of STC offered. The price per STC Token in each following round will be higher from the previous one. The phases will be described in detail in a separate document STC Launchpad ICO scheme.

Where the STC Launchpad ICO will be performed?

The STC Launchpad ICO will be performed at our own platform built at Student Coin website. The users will have a secure 2FA Sign Up and Log in, as well as individually prescribed ETH address and referral link.

What will be the available payment methods to participate in the STC Launchpad ICO?

Participants will be able to invest in the STC Token with three methods. Each of these methods will have the same pricing per token, however may differ due to the cost of transaction fees.

Investors will be able to take part in the sale with direct ETH deposit- to their individual address, by crypto payment widget, that supports ETH, BTC, BCH, USDC, Litecoin, DAI, and all other cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase. Furthermore, there will be an option to participate in the STC Launchpad ICO with the fiat currencies and Debit/Credit Card and wire transfer.

What will be the requirements to participate in the STC Launchpad ICO?

There will be no KYC required for most of the payment methods. The collected data will be limited to the email and password, with the two factor authentication (2Fa), where the user will need to confirm the email each time during logged in and STC/ETH withdrawals.

The STC Launchpad ICO will be available in every region and country, without the geographical limits.

Why Student Coin performs STC Launchpad ICO, if STC Token is already listed at some exchanges?

To maximize the reliability and potential of the project, the small amount of STC Token, equal to 1% of the total supply, was distributed among the international students communities, academic organizations and partners. Hence, the small circulating supply of the STC Token is already traded at some exchanges.

Although the token is already freely traded, the liquidity and its current circulating supply works rather as amenity and test, than as normal value measure. This is why the current prelistings of the STC token works as an advantage for the Launchpad, as it gives guarantee for the future investors, that immediately after the end of the Launchpad ICO they will have access to few exchanges.

What will be the price of the Student Coin during the STC Launchpad ICO?

The price of the token will be defined in a separate STC Launchpad ICO scheme to be published a week before the STC Launchpad ICO start. The price per token will be measured in USD and will be increasing by every financing round, so the first investors will be entering the Launchpad with a discount.

What will happen with the price at the exchange during the STC Launchpad ICO?

As mentioned before, the pairs with STC token does not allow for the bulk purchases. The STC Launchpad ICO will have a scale strongly outranging current market volume and involvement. This is why the price during each phase of the STC Launchpad ICO will be crucial, and probably rules the market price for the time of the Launchpad.

During the Launchpad, investors will be able to trade STC tokens at exchanges without any limits, however the trading will not give the bonuses and amenities of the STC Launchpad ICO. During the STC at Launchpad ICO, investors will be able to access many additional features as investment bonuses, affiliate program, cashback, and direct fiat purchases.

What will be the detailed STC Launchpad ICO scheme?

The detailed STC Launchpad ICO scheme will be published one week before the Launchpad start. The scheme will contain particular STC Token pricing, token distribution, affiliate program rules and exact development plan.

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