AMA Transcription with Wojciech Podobas — CEO of Student Coin (STC)

Once again, during the AMA session, we meet the CEO of Student Coin — Wojciech Podobas! This time, exclusively for the Polish community, but here we are with a transcription. This session is hosted by Adam Urbanski — a Brand Manager of Student Coin, who will ask him questions about STC entering the Metaverse, crowdfunding potential of the platform, the STC Terminal, and more!

[Adam | Student Coin Team] Good morning, dear investors and users! Thank you for joining us on the channel. I’m Adam, and I will be hosting today’s AMA session with Wojciech Podobas — the CEO of Student Coin.

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] It’s a pleasure to welcome you all.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] Hello, Wojciech! If you’re ready, we can get started.

As a reminder, the chat will be muted during the first part, and the discussion will be based on the questions we’ve received. We will open the chat for more questions later.

Let’s get started!

1. How is the marketing situation? Are there any ideas to promote STC and strengthen its relations with the community?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] We can get started.

We are constantly developing both — our marketing team (in the form of an internal department) and SMT’s. Marketing rates are currently very high in the cryptocurrency market — that’s why we are mainly focusing on PR.

We currently maintain a fixed monthly marketing budget, and with the implementation of products like the STC Wallet and the STC Terminal, we will gradually increase it.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 2. Many of our investors have small funds in the STC Wallet. Is there a chance that they will be able to transfer their funds using a network other than Ethereum, e.g., Binance Smart Chain or perhaps Layer 2 solutions in the future?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Future modifications on the Ethereum network to Ethereum 2.0. will probably reduce transaction costs to as low as on BSC or other Layer 2s, we hope.

We also plan to introduce internal transactions in the STC Wallet with zero fees. Moving STC to other blockchains may be a solution, but we are not considering it now.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 3. When will other methods of two-factor authentication be available?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO]

Cybersecurity of the STC Wallet is our top priority — as soon as the new staking version is finalized, our team will focus on many new security features.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 4. Do you know when to expect the first Orion Money airdrop?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Yes, the detailed rules and dates for Orion Money airdrops will be announced this week.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 5. Are you working on the STC Education Panel? It would be great if our users could learn new things from the Student Coin website.

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] The STC Education Panel will be updated as new products in the STC ecosystem are released to allow for wider adoption. We are thinking about a general overhaul and expansion of the STC Educational Panel, but we are now concentrating on more business ventures.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 6. Recently, I have seen more activity on your social media, e.g., in the form of stories on Instagram. I like it very much. Is this going to be permanent?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Yes, we want to constantly improve our social media and show the world that we are a real, 40-person team with big plans in the cryptocurrency sector. We plan to have regular content on Instagram and diversify our messages depending on the channel.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 7. What is the purpose of joining the Metaverse?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] The Metaverse, just like blockchain technology, offers substantial business opportunities. We try to monitor trends and adapt our product vision to them constantly. The Metaverse is one of the trends we are watching, but we have not decided to get more involved in Decentraland or Sandboxfor now.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 8. Any update on when the deposit feature will be available?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Deposit functionality will be implemented along with the internal transactions, right after staking and cyber security. We don’t want to give our internal deadline as this often gets postponed.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] And now it’s time for a more challenging question from our community!

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 9. Please tell us about your fixed, variable, and marketing costs are doing quarterly?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] To maximize our capabilities, such as building a digital currency exchange, free cryptocurrency transactions, or tokenization, Student Coin has an international structure in Singapore, Estonia, Malta, and Poland —

The structure of the entire group is dependent not on profit maximization but tokenization regulations, such as the simple tokenization law in Estonia. For this reason, we do not operate under one company and cannot, in a simple way, give one profit and loss account, as is the case with listed companies.

Fixed costs relate to rapidly growing headcount and are accounted for in a number of ways depending on the jurisdiction. Variable costs are present in each of the companies and mainly relate to large partnerships and one-off events, such as the Dubai conference. In contrast, marketing costs are accounted for depending on the country of the business partner.

We can evaluate our overall financial position as good, with a wide diversification between assets and companies, and we plan to prepare for the cryptocurrency bear market.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 10. When will the new website you have been working on for a long time be available?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO]

The website has been finalized for a month now, but we are still finding small things to improve. We are very committed to publishing a perfect website with no problems.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] How many tokens have been created from the Terminal’s launch until today?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] When I last checked the contract, there were about 40 tokens on the Testnet and 10 on the Mainnet.

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] We hope to improve the STC Terminal so that with its usability, it will be much more accessible to users.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 12. Do you plan to use the potential of the crowdfunding platform to commercialize scientific research?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Yes, this is one of our long-term goals. We are thinking about broadly tokenizing new scientific discoveries, from technology to energy to medicine.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] 13. What does the cooperation with universities look like, has anything changed, what does it look like now?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] In addition to implementing business products, we are focusing more on the ambassador program and cooperation with academic clubs. Universities, as institutions, are demanding partners and often do not want to enter into discussion with cryptocurrency projects.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] It’s time for the second part, so we open the chat for questions from our community!

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Great, thank you.

[A STC Community Member] Is Poland a friendly country to develop blockchain technology?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] In Poland, we don’t have specific regulations for tokenization, so operations for building products and tokens are better done abroad, for example, in Estonia or UAE. In Poland, we only deal with recruitment and team building — we definitely have great people 😃

[A STC Community Member] Please tell me about your planned revenue structure: where do you plan to generate revenue in 2022 and 2023?

What kind of revenue are you estimating per product? (stock market, Terminal, crowdfunding, education, coinpaper, other if any)?

How will revenues from the above sources be shared with investors — ‘what percentage will go to dividends’?

How will the remaining revenues be reinvested?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] The planned revenues will be divided among several jurisdictions, but through product innovation and market volatility, there is no effective way to predict revenues.

We are currently a start-up, and we are practically not generating operating profits.

An important consideration is the nature of STC as a token — it is a utility token, not a security token, so we will not be paying dividends directly linked to company revenues. Instead, those holding STC will be the beneficiaries of the growing STC ecosystem through increasing fundamental staking and regular buybacks on the STC Token for fees collected and many other mechanisms to support the STC price.

[A STC Community Member] When will there be an option to export all the STC Wallet operations to a .csv file?

[Wojciech Podobas| Student Coin CEO] We will introduce this feature along with the trading (swaps) option.

[A STC Community Member] When will there be a new roadmap?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] A more detailed roadmap will be published along with the new website.

[A STC Community Member] Do you plan to appear at events/conferences this year? Is it a good platform for networking in the crypto industry?

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Yes, we plan to appear at several cryptocurrency conferences this year, both in Poland and abroad. We evaluate them very positively in terms of getting to know new business partners.

[A STC Community Member] And what about a deposit? Tokens are lying alone on MM and can’t wait to join the rest of the already staked ones.

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Deposits create many problems in terms of cybersecurity, so we will start introducing them as soon as we add new security features in the STC Wallet.

[A STC Community Member]

Are you already having any discussions with universities/teams regarding funding and commercialization of research?

How many private companies or startups are you talking to or have spoken to about crowdfunding for development? (crowdfunding)

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] We talk to some scientists regularly, and we have our first base of the projects ready. There are some fascinating ideas there, but we are waiting mainly for legal reasons.

As for crowdfunding, we have a separate cell that deals only with this. We have written with more than 50 projects, while those selected are also waiting to clarify several issues.

[Adam | Student Coin Team] Thank you very much for all your questions and engagement! Thank you, Wojciech, for your answers!

[Wojciech Podobas | Student Coin’s CEO] Excellent, thank you very much, and see you around!



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