AMA Transcription with Wojciech Podobas — CEO of Student Coin (STC)

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8 min readNov 8, 2021
AMA Transcription with Wojciech Podobas — CEO of Student Coin (STC)

We want to introduce you to Wojciech Podobas — the CEO and Founder of Student Coin. In today’s AMA Session, he’ll answer questions about project development, plans, and changes made to Student Coin. Hosted by our CRO — Jacob Kozakiewicz, who has prepared questions for today’s event. However, as it was in every AMA session before, there will be time for our community to ask Wojciech a question!

[Wojciech Podobas] Hello, everyone. It is a pleasure to have AMA together.

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] Hi Wojciech, let’s go! Your opinion is important to many people, so I wanted to ask you how you evaluate the project’s development. Can you tell us what your typical day looks like and what kind of things you are working on?

[Wojciech Podobas] Our work aims to build a project with fundamental values that will use the real potential of blockchain, DeFi, tokenization, and WEB 3.0. This is why we do not want to focus on short-term achievements such as aggressive marketing or non-working partnerships but on development with fundamentals, a functional legal framework, and the best possible team.

I am mainly focused on team management, strategic business development, and legal matters. As in every tech company, most of our teamwork is from Monday to Sunday. If you are asking about my day, in the beginning, I am focused on reading, the deep work, and some paperwork, and later I switch to meetings and management. ℹ️

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] Thanks for this answer! Now, the next question. Can you tell us more about the technical team? How many people does it consist of, is recruitment already closed, and what is the internal division of labor like?

[Wojciech Podobas] Currently, our team is built from 30 full-time employees, over 20 part-time employees, and three software partners, which also perform body leasing for some of our products. Our in-house technical team comprises 14 programmers, while we are outsourcing some tasks to 5 to 15 software house employees.

Soon, you will also be able to check our entire team on the website once it is updated, as many new people have joined us lately. ℹ️

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] Last month, the team was at a Gulf Blockchain week in Dubai. I think after this time, you can assess how this trip contributed to the project. How will investors feel the benefits of being Student Coin as a Silver Sponsor at GULF?

[Wojciech Podobas] A lot of people from our community were asking if the STC Team would join a crypto conference, hence we decided to try our team in Dubai. During the stay, we have visited four blockchain conferences. I think if conferences are attended from time to time, they are suitable for the project as we gain a possibility for networking.

In my opinion, the best outcomes created in Dubai were talking with some top crypto lawyers, meeting people from top exchanges, and evaluating our company culture in relation to other people’s experiences. I hope we will see some significant conference outcomes in the next six months. ℹ️

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] That’s great, we look forward to seeing the results. The project is still developing, but we know that alignment is essential in a world full of innovation and change. Please describe, what are the most important goals and if there will be any changes to the Roadmap?

[Wojciech Podobas] To fit the changing environment, we are constantly adapting to reliable crypto trends. Until the end of the year, we would like to publish the new, complex version of the Student Coin’s website, uncovering the more advanced roadmap and some different projects that were not announced yet. ℹ️

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] It will be my last question before part two, so our investors can start preparing you! Recently, the first two projects were released on the STC Launchpad platform? Can you tell us more about the tokenization concept, the legal framework, and whether there will be other launchpads on the platform shortly?

[Wojciech Podobas] I am very happy because we have created a reliable legal path to tokenize our partners with the two projects. It cost a lot of work and time to analyze the legal environment. However, it will be essential in our long-term development. Every week there are plenty of inquiries regarding the tokenization at STC Wallet so our due diligence team can choose the most reliable partners. ℹ️

[Jacob Kozakiewicz] This was the last question. Now, we’ll open the chat for 5 minutes. Please ask questions and do not send messages that are not questions.

[STC Community Member] When will be available the full functionality of the STC wallet? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] STC Wallet is a project that will be developed consistently. We plan to develop it every month, without one major aim. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Does the student coin developer team consider integrating the Bsc network into their system? I think they should because the transfer fees are too high. ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] Currently, we do not consider linking with BSC. However, other low costs blockchains will be integrated in 2022. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] How do you envision SMT being used for users of the STC platform? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] The vision is to allow every organization, person, or company that will tokenize at STC Terminal to use SMT as the marketing agency and promote their token. It will be complimentary with STC Terminal and STC Wallet. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] When will list new exchange? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] We are waiting for a good moment and consistently negotiating with many top partners. ℹ️

Current Student Coin Markets, source:

[STC Community Member] Do you plan to focus on the education part of the STC project in the near future? Maybe add some courses about crypto on the website, and those who successfully pass the exams should get rewarded with some small amount of STC. Airdrop through education.*It should be available only for registered members holding 5000+ STC to avoid exploiting rewards or something similar. ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] Currently, we are establishing a new team focused only on the educational part. More details will be released with the change of the website 😀 ℹ️

[STC Community Member] If everything goes well based on roadmap targets, do you plan to begin developing your blockchain in middle 2022? Or maybe migrate? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] Currently, we are focused on ecosystem development, which depends on Ethereum 2.0. publication. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] 1 year later, what do you think that the STC price is below the ICO price? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] We do not want to talk about the price. However STC, future token development is our main aim. It is not a point to be a hyped meme coin, but to be long lasting Eth. Ethereum was also below the price after ICO — for 1 USD 😉 Usually, I would not relate to the price-related question, however, I understand its importance. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Are we protected in terms of liquidity? Is any liquidity locked? Or will it be locked by transactions? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] STC collaborates with a professional MM team to develop our markets and exchange partners. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Hi Wojtek! I’m proud of having cryptocurrency representing my country on the worldwide market. Are there any plans to improve communication between investors and the support team? Other channels, maybe? There is a lot of scam accounts on Telegram. ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] I can see that we should improve our communication with STC Holders. Currently, we are searching for people to create a team that will be responsible for professional PR and social media management. I hope we will also run some additional investor’s chats till the end of the year. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Will there be high Eth fees on the STC exchange? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] The STC Exchange point is to reduce fees almost to 0. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Can you consider posting partial updates to progress in status reports? I’m confident in the project, but many people are unhappy with the wait for the official announcements. ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] Yes, we are considering it. We have our internal weekly recaps. However, we need to decide how confidential information is. It might be one part of the communication update. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] If you have time, can you tell us about what STC plans to do with the Orion Private Farming rewards? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] The farming is ongoing, and it is going very well. We would like to airdrop tokens that will be ready to withdraw to take until January/February. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Can you give us something to get excited about? Are we all feeling a bit low atm? Anything surprising we don’t know about, maybe? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] Yes, a huge project will be published by the end of January that will completely change STC Token fundamental value. However, we cannot say anything more about the product. There was no information about that, nowhere. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] @podobas could you arrange an OFFICE TOUR? Just to meet and see your office people 🙃ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] We will think about that 😀 maybe in December. Some of our team members wanted to launch TikTok to show some inside stories. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] @podobas hi there, I’d like to ask you something about metaverse. Do you have any ideas on how to integrate STC into the metaverse? ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] It is a very early moment to think about it. However, we will be checking the development and possible integration. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] Hi @podobas, what are your plans to boost the Token Student Coin ranking cryptocurrencies? What should make us continue to wait for a positive explosion from the STC project patiently?ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] It will happen naturally — with the development of products and following increased marketing. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] @podobas this year? 🔥🔥🤓🤓 ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] More details this year for sure 😀 the website is ready. However, the system for content needs to be established. ℹ️

[STC Community Member] I’m looking forward to next month’s AMAs. Don’t forget about monthly AMAs they’re important. ℹ️

[Wojciech Podobas] I think we will host the next AMA with our CLO. It will be good to ask her about all legal backgrounds. ℹ️

Okay guys, thank you very much. I will visit you more often.



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