The STC web app to perform the STC v1 to STC v2 swap is available at

The fast development of the STC Ecosystem and a rapidly increasing gas fee at the Ethereum network led to the decision about the Student Coin fork execution. According to the STC Roadmap, the switch from the STC Token v1 into the STC Token v2 will be performed on Wednesday 14th of April. The STC Token fork, in the form of the 1:1 token swap, will bring many advantages for the STC Community.

The article will outline the fork background, its outcomes, and swap…

We are extremely proud to announce that Student Coin raised 21 000 000 USD and reached its hard cap! It is great news for the STC community and its development!

Reaching the hard cap is the most important milestone of the project, which will allow to shape the STC Ecosystem and build the first tool for wide-scale tokenization.

We invite you to read a short summary of the STC Launchpad ICO. The article will outline the project’s prospects, product release scheme, exchange listings, STC Token fork, and STC Launchpad ICO bonus funding.

The STC Launchpad ICO overview

The hard cap…

The incoming weeks will be very important for Student Coin and its community. The incoming STC Launchpad ICO will lead to the establishment of a complex platform for wide-scale tokenization. The following article presents concise information about the STC Launchpad ICO plan and funding.

To check the general STC Launchpad ICO introduction please check the Student Coin Launchpad ICO plan.

STC Launchpad ICO Website

The Launchpad will be performed at the web-based platform created by the Student Coin. The platform is available at the address of

Please also note that it will be the only official page for the…

The tokens and the process of tokenization is an incoming revolution that can speed up the global economy and help to overtake the geographical obstacles of the equity flow. The vision of the Student Coin is to work as the world’s biggest ecosystem to perform the wide-scale tokenization, and allow everyone to build, manage and develop the personal, organizational, startup, and DeFi tokens.

Student Coin project is being developed for over two years, and reach this crucial point- performance of the major funding during the STC Launchpad ICO. …

Long story short — Facebook

A lot of people are already aware of the story behind the biggest social media platform, however, for those who have not explored it yet, let’s go through it.

Starting from the beginning, “face book” is the student directory which includes photos and basic information regarding the students. It was created to ease building relationships especially among new students.

The first “Face”

Before the idea of Facebook, during his second year of college, Mark Zuckerberg had developed a software for the “Facemash”, the website where students were able to compare female students’ pictures. In other words, it was a type of “hot or…

We are extremely proud to announce that Student Coin will be available on one of the biggest Asian cryptocurrency exchanges — CoinTiger

About CoinTiger

CoinTiger is a centralized exchange based in Singapore. The exchange has more than 2 million users across 100 countries all around the world and its daily volume amounts to 200 million dollars. As a Student Coin Team we are excited to have an opportunity to spread our idea across Asian communities for whom education is an incredibly important value.

Listing details

Student Coin will be listed in pair STC/USDT on 4th of December at 10:00 GMT…

Discover the Student Coin ecosystem.

Multiuniversity blockchain

A story behind the Students

The universities were always a place of innovations, new technology research, and the source of great ideas. What is more, the universities around the world are well connected and have a lot of bilateral value transfers. Finally, the world educational market is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and it needs a serious blockchain-based solutions as the Student Coin. These three factors made universities a perfect place to create the biggest social media, Internet network, or incoming wide-scale tokenization ecosystem- the Student Coin.

What is Student Coin?

The Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency related to the net of universities…

Student Coin

The first token connecting universities, startups and investors. Student Coin powers the ecosystem that allows to create dedicated tokens.

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