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4 min readJan 5, 2024

Welcome to 2024! 🎊

We trust that a few days of rest have helped you recharge your batteries for the year 2024. 👀

Before we commence the new year with a bang, this issue of STC Update presents a comprehensive overview of our achievements in 2023.

STC Wallet

Starting with STC Wallet, which focused on enhancing user experience and security, while expanding its functionality. Major updates included the development of new functionality like swap features, the integration of additional content and pricing data, and the implementation of stricter security protocols. The wallet also expanded its services in preparation for new initiatives like STC University, including support for direct course purchases and the introduction of new payment options.

Namely, we managed to:

  • Complete the STC DAO Voting version 2;
  • Incorporate content from Coinpaper into the STC Wallet mobile app;
  • Complete the swap feature backend infrastructure development, laying the groundwork for a more streamlined and efficient user experience in accessing and managing wallet functionalities;
  • Implement a security feature that locks the withdrawals for a 14-day period following a password change;
  • Change the withdrawal review policy, effectively reducing the number of manual reviews required and the approval waiting time;
  • Implemented numerous modifications in internal administration panel;
  • Prepared for the upcoming launch of STC University by updating the STC Wallet to support direct course purchases from STC Wallet;
  • Enabled the acceptance of payments in STC tokens, as well as through f.e. Coinbase on the STC Wallet for transactions related to STC University;
  • Integrated a swap feature for SMT/STC;
  • Improved the LEAN pricing after it’s migration to Solana;
  • Accomplished $USDP listing;
  • Developed both backend and frontend components for the discount program specifically tailored for STC University’s needs;
  • Launched STC/USDP swaps with internal liquidity for $STC Token.


In 2023, Coinpaper achieved remarkable growth, recording over a 272% increase compared to 2022, with an average monthly growth of over 28%. The platform expanded its reach through partnerships with major news aggregators and saw substantial traffic growth from Google Search. Coinpaper also established a strong community base, evidenced by a growing subscriber count for their newsletter and recognition at key industry events like EDCON 2023.

In 2023, Coinpaper’s team managed to:

  • Grow by more than 272% in comparison with 2022;
  • Maintain an average monthly growth rate of more than 28%;
  • Integrate with numerous prominent news aggregators in terms of reach, including but not limited to newsnow, CoinCodex, Google News, DigitalCoinPrice, Coinstats app, LiveCoinWatch, and many others;
  • Strengthen its growth strategy in order to gain traffic from Google Search;
  • Establish a community comprising of more than 10,000 regular readers of the Coinpaper Digest newsletter;
  • Create mainstream content that has been picked by the biggest figures in cryptocurrencies, such as Ryan Adams (co-owner of Bankless);
  • Became the media partner of EDCON conference;
  • Joined forces with companies from the web3 realm at EDCON, with whom they’ve been collaborating since then;
  • Acquired 50,000,000 STC from Coinpaper’s profits;
  • Create a growing and automated flow of sales and increase the interest in ads on Coinpaper.
  • Developed a high-quality cryptocurrency logo aggregator;
  • Modified the layout of the article pages.
  • Expanded the team with new journalists in order to provide consistently fresh information.

STC University

And last but not least, our newest project STC University launched in Q3 of 2023.

Last year saw the transformation of STC Academy into STC University, marked by strategic growth plans, the launch of a website, and the introduction of a demo course to gather user feedback. Moreover, STC University focused on enhancing its operational efficiency and content delivery, leading to the introduction of new courses and partnerships for specialized course development.

Namely, STC University’s team managed to:

  • Elevate the STC Academy to the next level by transitioning STC’s educational vision into STC.University;
  • Develop a detailed strategy and plan outlining the internal roadmap for STC.University’s growth and operation;
  • Create of the MVP version of the STC University’s website with a project description;
  • Launch the STC.University’s landing page;
  • Establish and solidify operational structures, laying the foundation for efficient and scalable processes within STC.University;
  • Launch the demo course and systematically collect the insights and feedback from users enhancing our understanding of user needs and preferences;
  • Implement and integrate three diverse payment methods (Coinbase Commerce, STC Wallet, and AdvCash) enhancing transactional flexibility and convenience for users at STC University;
  • Launch the first educational course with certification;
  • Integrate with MailChimp, Beastnotes and Coursemap;
  • Implement a comprehensive internal production procedures to streamline and optimize our content creation and delivery processes;
  • Integrate PayPal as the first non-crypto form of payment for courses;
  • Partner with SSRN and sponsor the Cryptocurrency Hub, demonstrating our commitment to fostering knowledge and innovation in the field of cryptocurrency;
  • Launch the Newsletter ‘The Blockchain Pulse
  • Expand the educational offering by developing and launching three new courses;
  • Establish a partnership with the first external partner to co-develop and offer a specialized course from the marketing realm.

As 2023 ended, the progress made by STC Wallet, STC University, and Coinpaper sets a solid foundation for the year ahead. In 2024, we wish expand our offerings, and continue to further strengthen our position in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This upcoming year promises new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and technological advancements, reflecting an ongoing commitment to excellence and user satisfaction.

As we step into 2024, we extend our heartfelt wishes to our investors for a prosperous and successful new year. Your trust and support have been pivotal in our journey, and we look forward to achieving new milestones together. May this year bring you abundant opportunities, growth, and continued success in all your endeavors:)

Student Coin Team